Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Glitzy Glazes Give Away!!!!

Hey Gals!

I can't believe I won one of the coolest prizes! I just recently have discovered a whole new world of indie nail polish!  I enter a TON of giveaways because for one it lets me discover new things and for two if you never enter you will never win. Hahaha even so I never win things so when I got an email saying  I won I was THRILLED!!!!!!!

I won three whole bottles!! 

I picked:

Please excuse the horrible condition my nails are in the following pictures. Water heater overflowed the house and my nails broke and almost shredded due to all the water they were in during cleaning up the mess. Im glad to say that they are starting to repair :D

-Ahem- back to the program!

Poppin' Cotton Candy Dots : I had to pick this because just looking at it instantly took me to the fair and getting that HUGE bag of cotton candy! This is just darling and I had to wear it immediately! 

Im So Sari: I think its obvious why i picked this one.... its just wow!

 Grim Grinning Ghosts: This polish referenced Ghostbusters in the description.  I had to have it! 

 None of these disappointed! They are GORGEOUS! They evened out well, no bubbles, and lasted well. I will definitely be buying some Glitzy Glazes in the near future! 
Please go check Kathi out here! Also take a second to check her FB page for news and pre releases!!

ANDDDDD here's my first nail video :

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