Monday, August 12, 2013

August 2013 Nature Box Review

Hey Gals!

The nature box last month was well received at our house so we kept the subscription going. We got the 19.99 plan which is the snacks for one. I bake frequently through out the week so this snack box helps to guarantee we have some more healthier options to snack on :)

This months Theme was back to school. 

Sweet Blueberry Almonds (vegan):

4 Servings per container 13g  and 170 calories per serving. I know that seems very high for a snack but almonds have the good fats in them (like the kind in olive oil so don't fret! ).  This also packs a whopping 6 grams of protein!!

Cherry Berry Bonanza (Vegan):

The tartness of the cranberries are great in this mix! I love dried fruit for me and the kids oatmeal. Its also great to hold them over as I'm cooking dinner. My only complaint is that they added sugar to it. In my opinion dried fruit is sweet enough and doesn't need the added sugar. Still its about the same amount of sugar as crasins by ocean spray so not too bad. 
3 Servings per container 0.5 grams of fat and 130 calories per serving. 

Santa Fe Corn Stix:

I think these aren't going to last long! They are taste like fritos and Doritos but lighter. Not too salty and just yummy!

5 Servings per container and 6 g of fat and 140 calories per serving

Cocoa Waffle Wafers:

These have a nice crisp to them and a very Cocoa taste. I like them. The kids didn't think they were sweet enough. Servings per container: 2 2.5 g of fat and 110 cal per serving. 

Teriyaki Twists (Vegan):

These have an amazing crunch to them! They have a light sesame/ soy taste to them. I love how it is lightly salty but not overboard. The kids also really dug this one!

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What do you think about this month? 
Let me know!!

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