Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Tarte Colored Clay 7-Pc Collection with Bag on Qvc

Hey gals!

I have been lusting after Tarte CC Primer for awhile now but considering I already have a decent primer and the price tag ($34) was a little high! So I signed up with the website just to keep an eye out for a sale.

A few days later I got an ad for this whole set for 59.99! After Tax and shipping and handling it was $70 dollars!

I got it in just two days!

Here is the CC Primer:

It also comes with a big makeup bag. I put my brush next to it for size comparison:

The bamboo brush is super soft and blends well! I still used my finger to blend around the eyes and nose but this did a great job for the jaw, hairline and cheeks!

The liquid foundation is super light! I typically don't like liquids but this wore well for 7 hours.

The blush is also a bronzer. I haven't used bronzer before.  I used a huge flat top brush and just swirled it about. It looked really nice and warm. 

The lipgloss gave just a hint of color. It lasted for a few hours as well. I like the feel of this. It wasnt gloopy feeling. 

And the eyeliner and mascara. I didn't use the mascara yet because I have a bunch of other opened ones i want to use first. The Eyeliner was nice and stayed put with no running :D

And heres all of it together! So pretty!!!

I highly recommend before you make any Foundation,  CC, or  BB purchases online you go check them out in real life! The swatches on your screen can be so misleading! My local Sephora lady was more than happy to show me the tones and answer my questions . 

This kit is a great value and the ingredients are actually good for you! 
Heres a retail cost breakdown from Qvc:
 I dont know about the entire list but I do know the CC primer is 34 and I do know the brush is 30. So right there its a steal!

I did a video of the first time using it (which was literally minutes after delivery hahaha ): 

What do you think? Have you tried Tarte Cosmetics yet? 


  1. YAY! I'm so glad that you were able to scoop up the TSV! :) I'd love to see follow-up "looks" with this kit! :)

  2. i was really impressed with this! such a great set.

  3. I love Tarte, but held off because I wasn't sure about that foundation. Still, for the price it's a killer deal. Thanks for the honest review.