Thursday, May 1, 2014

Younique Natural Based Cruelty Free Makeup

Hey Gals!

As many of you know I joined Younique recently. I kept seeing tons of posts of before and afters of the 3d fiber lash mascara and I had to try it myself. Once I did I was hooked! I realize that this review might seem biased because I sell the product. Rest assured I use all kinds and brands of makeup from Urban decay, to Mary Kay.  I don't think there is such thing as the 'best makeup' in the world. I don't do pushy sales and I'm not in a race.  Okay sorry I had to put all of that out there because I care about my readers and don't want this to come off as a BUY MY STUFFS! WOOO! :p

The company is currently working on the leaping bunny certification. Younique is naturally based and is not tested on animals. 

I got my presenters kit on March 28 and 
I purchased the Want it all collection with my own money at full price. The first part of the set arrived: 

The first shipment contained Angelic (gold) and Twitterpatted (blue) Moodstruck Pigments, Bag, 3d lashes & Lipgloss. The other items were listed as backordered (which I knew at the time I placed my order) 
Younique Lucrative lipgloss swatch

The bag is well made and has two double zippered compartments:

 The outside is a sleek, sexy gunmetal and the inside is a silky deep purple! 

Next is the Lucrative lipgloss in Luscious:
Younique Lucrative lipgloss swatch
 The wand is similar to Nyx butter gloss. It glides on nicely, and evenly. It lasted about 3-4 hours. 
 This gloss is super shiny! I love the color and I love that theres no stickiness. I also appreciate the mirror on the side! FYI there is a protective film on the mirror in the pic so when you get yours be sure to peel it off :p 
Younique Lucrative lipgloss swatch

The 3D lash comes in a snazzy case and holds two tubes:
Younique 3D fiber lash mascara

 The first tube is the black transplanting gel. It can be used with or without your favorite mascara. 
 The second tube are the tea tree fibers. 
Younique 3D fiber lash mascara
This is one quick coat of each tube. I recommend doing one eye at a time and using a toothpick or eyelash comb to separate the fibers. 

The pigments come in a jar with a shaker/sifter top. 
Younique angelic  twitterpatted swatch
 They have a nice even color payoff and feel very light. 

The second part of the shipment arrived:

 It contained :

Glorious is a Natural face and eye make up primer. I love this stuff! 
The cleanser looks like liquid silver. I think it might be made of magic. hahaha I've used for about two weeks. I have no complaints. 
Younique Awake Facial cleanser

The brilliant moisturizing gel looks super cool! But i must warn you it smells straight like green peppers. I definitely made a weird face with this one! 
 I do greatly appreciate the little scoop that comes with it because I hate reaching into a jar and getting stuff under my nails! It soaks in super fast and thankfully the smell doesn't linger . This combined with the cleanser felt really good on my skin. 
younique brilliant moisterizer

I picked Taffeta for my powder and it matches really well. The powder is light and wears well and is great for touchups. 

The only part I'm missing this the touch cream compact. I have received a tracking number so I do expect to get it soon :D

If you have done a review on Younique please leave your link below. Also I am looking for 1-2 honest detailed reviews. If you would be willing let me know! 

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  1. Woah those facial things look super cool! And that gloss is beautiful. I actually have done a post on the 3D Mascara over on Jolie Pagaille here is the link:

  2. Yay! Thanks for linking your review! Im struggling to find blog posts from non affiliates of Younique!

  3. Oooh, that lip gloss looks gorgeous. So sultry and perfect for a night out!

  4. Thanks! I love how its not sticky! It doesn't have staying power so you do have to reapply a few times .

  5. OMGosh! I love the color and consistency of the Lucrative Lip Gloss, it looks amazing! The Mascara definitely looks amazing! Do you have to use a toothpick / eyelash brush to separate your lashes with each application? The carrying case looks so sleek! And the "magical" silver cleanser looks like fun! Thanks for an honest and awesome post!