Friday, April 25, 2014

GlamST : Looks + new eye features LAUNCH

Hey Gals!

Today I have something super fun to show you!


I was invited to try out a new site and I'm really impressed with it!

First and foremost make sure you have some extra time when setting up. The program is really detailed and asks you to place dots in specific places. Once you have uploaded your photo and placed your dots its time to play!

Not only does it show a product on you, but also displays price, colors available, and how you want to wear it. You can see below there is even a place to rate it.

The tested product page shows what you have "on" in case you forget 
You can save your looks, share them, even get a before and after comparison! I do recommend taking your photo without makeup (gasp) That way the results are more true. 
If you are new to makeup the application helps you along! Start with your foundation and on the right bottom will be a little prompt telling you whats next:
 The newest feature for this site is the eyes

If you find the virtual makeup is not going in the right places you can adjust your dots at anytime. The site is in pre launch so do be patient. I found a few times I was logged out randomly and I also had an error at the signup. But over all this is a great site and I can't wait to make more looks. 
You can click other ladies looks and give them a go girl if it looks good for them. You can also try out similar looks that others have created. I found the samples to be accurate for the things I own and have tried. This is as close to try before you buy can get. 
Share this with your friends and family! The more people on it the more reviews and look sharing we can do!

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