Monday, April 28, 2014

Julep Plie Wand and May 2014 colors

Hey gals!!

Early March Julep launched a crowdfunding campaign for the plie wand.
 If you have ever painted, drawn or wrote on paper, then you know that using a brush, pencil or pen that is this big:
 is not as comfortable or easy to control as one that is longer. 
Instantly I was super excited!

But then I found out that Julep intended on changing their cap design and making us buy additional caps  *sad panda*

After some chatter and emails from various ladies Julep changed it up a bit and made the caps fit over the existing under-caps *happy panda!*

I was all over that crowd-funding! Sadly my bank account couldn't allow me to do much more than the $20 pre pay box.

After what seems like YEARS ( only actually a little over a month) I ripped open my box as soon as the mail lady drove away! I won't lie I felt very much like Gollum when he had the ring!

Score! a free Yumi! I wanted to pick that one up last time but didn't!

Nice fancy packaging :D

Pull off overcap:

 Push on Magnetic Cap:
 Click on wand: 

It's fully adjustable so you can make it best for you. I found straight worked best for my dominant (right) hand. And bent worked best for my left. 

I found the brush was much easier to control and was much less stress on my wrist. I think this is a huge hit especially for a blogger or anyone with wrist issues ( Carpal tunnel, arthritis, ect)
 Is the plie a must have? Well no. You can still polish without one, but why would you want to? Two extra magnetic overcaps and an extra brush were also included. 

On to the colors! 
Yumi is the loverly glitter topper. 
Saaya is the golden apricot shimmer that I'm holding.
Laree is the golden pink Taffeta Shimmer on my nails. 

Im super happy with this month and I'm eager to hear what all the other Mavens think!

If you aren't a maven yet nows a perfect time to join! Heres a referral link :D 


  1. Very excited abou this! Thrilled that it's engineered for use with all caps. I would not have bought new polishes.

  2. You and me both! I have about 40 Juleps and theres no way I would be replacing that many caps!