Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Royal Lacquers Shrinking Violets

Hey Gals!

Today i have an insanely gorgeous polish to show you!

Shrinking Violets is a purple Jelly base with holo and black hex and circle glitters! 

Of course today was overcast and yucky outside all for about 10 minutes. I did manage to get a few decent shots on my iPhone. 

This is two coats and a topcoat. Can you believe how pretty this is?! Some people just truly have a magic about them when it comes to making polish and Tiffany is one of them!

On my accent nail I used Don't Harp on It by Color Club, and Royal Lacquers Vynails as a stencil.
I will be honest I did struggle with it. I've never done a tape or stencil mani before. The first two times everything peeled off :(  *cries*

But I didn't give up! I went to my experts ( the gals over at Indie Polish Talk/Swap group.)

I learned three important tips :
1 - Take the sticky off the Vynail or tape. Stick it to your palm a few times or your shirt!
2 - Use a quick dry top coat and let it dry completely before applying the tape/ Vynail
3 - remove tape /Vynail immediately after painting . Do not wait to dry. 

Next time I will make a video :D
What do you think? Are you loving Royal Lacquers as much as I am?? 
Have you tried a tape mani yet?

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  1. Looking good Kristy! And yes, I love Royal Lacquer & Vynails as much as you! Lol