Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Stamping 201

Hey Gals!!!

Since I got so much love and support from stamping 101 I decided to make it a series! 

201 is about stamping decals! We all know stamping in one color can produce amazing results. 

But some stamps need more than one color. 

The darling Jess over at LuvMyLacquer  did an AMAZING photo tutorial and was sweet enough to allow me to share:

And heres a lil video I made to show the process in action :

Some tips to remember:

-Be patient! This is a learned skill and honestly it will take some time.

-make sure you clean your nail and stamping plates well so that theres no residue.

- You can use acrylics to paint the stamp.

-make sure your polish is completely dry on the stamp before attempting to remove it.

- don't hesitate to ask any questions :D

Lost? Check out Stamping 101

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