Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Stamping 101

Hey Gals!

Mail has been slow as of late so I thought I would take the time during this lull to address some FAQS in stamping!

I've seen this asked many times over :

How do I start stamping?

What is a good beginners stamping kit?

What do I need to start stamping?

In all honesty there is no "right" set or paint to use/buy. Ive seen videos of people using polish, acrylic paint, water color and tacky glue! Everyone is different you just have to find what works best for you.

You need :

1.) a Base / Stamping color. Polish remover and cotton ball/qtip

* The easiest stamping colors for me are Konad, Mentality, and Sally Hansen Insta-Dri

* A lint roller is also a great idea to use for cleaning off the stamper! (It sticks to the table too, so be sure thats okay for the surface you are working with!)

2.) A rubber Stamper

* the squishier the better. I personally struggle with Salon expressions stamper. I find Konad's the best for me. 
* I also have read that some stampers need to be primed. this means lightly filing it to take the shine off ( like you would for gel nails)

3.) A scraper.

* my favorite is a disney ticket. Its a plastic card with Mickey on it and it reminds me of our recent trip to disney :D It also is the perfect thickness. 
* I have found the metal scrapers do damage some of the  plates over time. Also some of the plastic scrapers break down when wiped with acetone over time. 

4.) A plate.

* when searching for your first plate pick something simple. Basic solid shapes ( circles, stars, squares, ovals ect) will be the easiest to start with. )

5.) Patience / time!

* stamping is a skill. Just like any other skill it will take time! It can be very frustrating until you find your knack. 
*The best way to practice is right before you take your mani off try stamping over it. That way you can practice what works for you as opposed to trying to make a picture perfect mani! 

I also want to note that its important not to invest too much money in the beginning. Ebay has many cheap sets (plates as low as 99 cents) and so does Walmart/ Walgreens/ CVS. I started out with a $10 Konad set at a mall kiosk.

Here are a few of the most recommended sets :

I saw this one at Walmart:

This was my first set:

 This is the as seen on TV set. I really like the basic plates but the stamper/ scraper was a bummer for me. 

Okay you have all your supplies now what?! 

If you want to see it in action, heres a video! Forgive me it does go over what you need so feel free to skip ahead if you don't want to go back over that!
I do hope you learned a bit about stamping! Post any questions or comments you may have! I'll be doing a decal/ multi colored stamping tutorial soon :D

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  1. I agree, the salon expressions Stamper & scraper are awful and the plates nice! Lol. I need to get a different stamper so I can practice!

  2. The stamping polish in the Walmart set is horrible, I just threw mine away. It is watery and a dull white. Brought it to work to stamp over my newly painted nails and will now be waiting till I get home to use my bornpretty white stamping polish.