Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Starting a business is hard to do!

Hey dolls!!!!

Sorry about the lack of postings! I just joined up with the Pampered Chef which you can read/ see all about here

Ive been learning about making videos and editing on my iMac and posting on YouTube 

And my poor sad nails have been neglected!

But the good news is

1.) I have a new top/ base coat to review for you!

2.) Pure nail oil now comes in a 4 ounce size!!

3.) Bulu box review

4.) Love with food Review

5.) Mentality Stamper Polish  / cheeky jumbo plate review and video

6.) i  WON Glitzy Glazes give away and i am SO excited to try out the polish!!!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Glitter Guilty October 2013

Hey Gals!

So as you may have read in my last post, I am taking a break from Julep. I love their polishes but I feel like they are "recycling " colors.

I recently have been enlightened to the world of Indie polishes. Indie is short for independent and ranges from one person making bottles in their kitchen to 10-30 people formulating in a lab. These small batches allow for better quality over all and also allow for custom polishes! I came across a wonderful lady that has boxes called Glitter Guilty.

Shes super sweet and I could find nothing but good reviews and stunning polishes made by here so I had to jump in!

 Totally diggin' the neon sticker!

Inside was a card thanking me and also a little note about Jessica and her special news that she has a baby on the way!! Congrats!!

The mini is a pretty purple shimmer with green and yellow hex glitter. Can't wait to try it!!

And tucked away in a cute orange puch was MoonDust!

How darling is that?! The formula is amazing! And i adore the color!

What is better than an oreo?


Thats right! An oreo dipped in chocolate!!! This was super cute and delicious. I love the little fall leaf sprinkles. There was also a graham dipped in chocolate and it too was delicious.
Sorry I was unable to get a better picture but this chocolate did not live for long between the kids, me and the hubby I did not get a chance to a better pic :p

Needless to say I'm hooked! The polish is pretty and the quality is amazing! Definitely check her out!

Friday, October 4, 2013

October Mani Challenge! Week one PINK!

Hey Gals!

This weeks challenge is pink nails. Very fitting for october since it is breast cancer awareness.

 (hahaha you can see my sons toy snake in the background! i didn't notice that until i uploaded!)

Lets see those pink manis ladies and gents!!!

Julep October 2013

Hey gals!

This months julep was a day early! I'm really happy that add ons are being included and that the shipping time has actually decreased from before. However I did notice that separate orders have been taking longer to get here. My Reece took two weeks to get here!

This month I elected for my normal Boho Glam Box with one add on.
This month's "extra" was a teeny tiny baggie of candy corn. Now I LOVE candy corn, but I can get a huge bag for a dollar at CVS. Julep's extras the past three months have been bummers :/ When I first joined we got cool stuff like hair pretties or product samples (sigh)

The beauty product was the Kajal eye liner. This is super smooth and I needed a new eyeliner sharpener so this was perfect for me. One side is a shimmery brown, the other is black,

 Dahlia is a microglitter and pairs very well with Stevie. Stevie is a dark gray shimmer.

Casper is a pearl top coat that also glows in the dark! This is my first glowing polish :)

So overall I'm underwhelmed by Julep for the third month now :( Thats sad to say because I have always been super excited to see that little black box on my door step. I've noted many other bloggers say this is one of those subs you can only do for about a year before you start seeing repeats and what not. So for now I will be skipping unless I see some wow !

Were you wowed by your box? link me your blog or leave a comment about it!