Sunday, May 25, 2014

Distressed Rainbow Mani

Hey gals! 

I wanted to do something colorful and a little messy. I'd say I succeeded! 

I started off with base coat and then two coats of My Fair Lily from Aurora Lacquers. Its a pale pink/ white polish. 

Once that was fully dried I went over the skin around my nails with Vapid Lacquers Cuticle balm. If you are working with sponges/ stamping/ water-marbling I highly recommend using some type of barrier. Tape, cuticle balm. lotion, Elmer's glue, whatever. It makes clean up so much easier and isn't as harsh on your skin. 

Next pick your colors and line 'em up! I used Juleps and a sally hansen. I Cant believe I don't have any Julep reds! I need to fix that! 

Uncap everything so that you can work quickly.  Excuse my messy table :p This is the "art table" it is well loved and the one table that is allowed to be messy. Its covered in polish, acrylics, crayon, paint, you name it! 

Paint your sponge! In the future I will cut my sponge in half. This was way too huge. Part of the magic of using the sponge is the colors will mingle a bit. So do not expect perfect lines. We're going for artsy and fun here! 
Stamp, cleanup and slap a top coat on! I used a Funky Cheetah Jamberry from my buddy :D

Have you tried nail art with a makeup sponge? I'd love to see it! 

Friday, May 23, 2014

Pink Anchors and Chevron Mani

Hey gals!

I saw this mani on Instagram by @Jarynails and I had to recreate it!!!

 I used Martha and Raegan from Julep.

 I topped it with Rainbow Syrup from EllaGee. I love this holo topper because it doesn't gray out the color! 

Heheh excuse my messy Julep bottle. This color is extra loved! 

What do you think?! Recreations are fun! make sure you go check out @JaryNails on Instagram! 

Beach Girl Dollar Haul

Hey Gals!

Just this past weekend my mom took all us girls and her grand babies to the Zoo! 

We had a blast! She surprised us all with some cute jewelry from Beach Girl Dollar. Its a small shop loaded with adorable fashion jewelry to match just about any outfit. Its located on 99 1/2 S. Yonge St.  (Just south of Granada on US 1), Ormond Beach, Florida.

Don't live close? not a problem! She has a notes tab on her Facebook page where you can order online. 

 The flower is a pin and you can put it anywhere! Headbands, bags, shirt, you pick it! 

  I love this because it has mother of pearl on it! Its really pretty! 

 Dragonfly + my two favorite colors! <3 this! 

This one can be a bracelet or a choker or a toddler necklace! My two year old hasn't taken it off yet! 

I love that not only does she carry a variety of styles but also colors! 

Make sure you follow her page and snag them before they're gone :D 

Monday, May 19, 2014

Influenster Go! Voxbox

Hey Gals!

Influenster recently sent me a big ole' box full of fun goodies all centered around Weight loss! This was free for me to test! All opinions are my own. 

Sometimes I wish Influenster would make a sub box because I really think they would rock it. 

Okay on to the goodies!!! Heres a quick little unboxing vid: 

From the Vitamin Shoppe is a cool Jaxx protein shaker cup:
  This jack shaped piece ensures the powder is mixed well. I like this just as much as my blender ball shaker! 
 I noticed this cup breaks down clumps better than the blender ball cup. But this one doesn't make the shake as frothy. 

OMG! This thing! I have always been a pumice stone type gal. But as you know stones are hard and can be scratchy. This however is like a stone but has a bit more flexibility. It is squishy like a tire. It also sets really nice in your hand. 

 Also from the Vitamin Shoppe is three packets of the Next Step Shake in Fresh Berries, Swiss Chocolate and Vanilla. I had the Berry mid- morning. I liked the taste. I mixed it with water and it kept me full feeling for about 3 and half hours. No nasty aftertaste ! I am strongly considering buying these. We will see how the other two fare! 

 This shake is intended to be a meal replacement. Honestly I'm not a big fan of replacing meals with a liquid. Sure a shake is better than skipping lunch. At least try to eat some greens or use this as a inbetween pick me up ! 
 Lenolic acid is a Omega-6 and it a part of aiding your metabolism to prevent excess fat being deposited to your hips, or bum, or wherever your body likes to store up :D 
 I appreciate that this shake makes no insane claims and states it is to be used WITH diet and exercise. 

 Also from ProFoot is a foam cushion. I haven't used this yet but they do feel nice and squishy and I can't wait to see how they feel!
 Playtex Sport tampons. This is the only thing in the box I'm not into. Once you try a menstrual cup you will never got back to pads or tampons. Also scents are not good for your lady parts. So these will be donated. ( I do realize I am in the minority here.) 

 Oh these things are delicious! om nom nom they did not last long! Nuts are a perfect Go! snack. 
 Nice little post card with a coupon for the Vitamin Shoppe. 

 A free Muller Yogurt. These are yummy to. I'm glad i get one free :D
 Aqua Spa Lavender and Chamomile bath soak. After spending all day Saturday walking around the zoo this felt heavenly in a foot tub with my ProFoot pedi file. 
so pretty!
I just put a tiny splash in the foot bath and its already foamy! 

 If you want to be a part of Influenster leave a message below or email me @ kmw1021 at gmail dot com.