Monday, November 25, 2013

USPS Style Box of Joy is here!

Hey Gals!

Back in mid September I signed up for the free style box of joy!
There was a huge frenzy over at the site as thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people flooded the servers to be one of the first 5,000 to register.

The registration began at midnight and somewhere in there I got the form submitted. However everyone was given a generic Thanks, and if you were one of the first 5k you will get a box.

So no one really knew if they got one or not until they got a shipping notification. I got my notification on the 22nd. And half an hour ago it showed up :) I had to vLog it of course because I was so excited that I actually got one.

So what do you think? For me? Id say thats the best freebie Ive ever got!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Turkey Mani and Amazon Rhinestones!

Hey gals! Just a quick post! My Rhinestones came in this morning! I ordered them October 20 So they did take a whole month and one day to get here. I can't complain  I got two of them for $2.40. I really like the little wheel they come in! Most studs/ rhinestones I've ordered in the past come in baggies. While baggies are easy to store, they are difficult to use! but the wheel is small and will store nicely and is easy to use with tweezers or a wax pencil. 

 Also I wanted to show off my turkey mani! I used the baggie method. Incase you haven't heard of it you can check it out here :
Im new to free hand and this video shows you how to make your own 'stickers'. You can even make manis ahead of time if you want to!
 Who else made turkey manis?! I'd love to see them!!

Ipsy MyGlam November 2013

Hey Gals! 

This month IPSY really outdid themselves! 

We shall start with the bag!
I hear many blogers complain about the Ipsy logo being on the outside of the bag. For me it doesn't matter. I like Ipsy and i don't mind the logo.  But this month the logo is inside this lovely golden bag that is lined with pink fabric. I am glad they added on a little wrist loop so I can use this as a mini purse!

First up:
Now I have received nailtini before and i liked it but i didn't know they were all about layering color to make a diffrent look! In the link above you can go to their site and mix up a nail 'cocktail' Now I want to go get more nailtini!! Especially the blue flame top coat!
This is full size and retails for 13.00 USD

Second we have:
Michelle Phan's Em Cosmetics Lash Gallery Lengthening Mascara. Michelle started as a youTuber who made tutorials on how to get department store looks with drugstore products. She then later on started MyGlam bags, which then became Ipsy. She wanted a way to let people try various makeup and nail products for a lesser price. Ipsy has been wildly successful and Michelle has recently launched her new makeup line called EM. She still makes videos for her products and I am so glad to own more EM. I love the eyeliners and lipsticks ( i had to get them at launch). Between Ipsy and sephora shopping I have 6 tubes of unopened deluxe mascara samples. So this mascara will probably be a swap or a gift.
This is full size and retails for $20.00 US Dollars.

Third is:
Glam Glow YouthMud and it must be made out of pure magic at 279 a tube! Things like this is why i ADORE Ipsy! I can try this and see if its worth the price tag for me. I haven't tried this yet because I just started doing a new face mask and I want to see how it works before I throw something new in the mix. This site also has a $12 try before you buy set so you can check it out too if you aren't an Ipsy subscriber. 
This is a deluxe size sample and is worth about $20.00 USD

 Fourth there is:

I love Pixie products so I'm glad to see this in my bag. However I don't use bronzer. I use concealer and foundation and a blush that is in the brown/bronze family. Im not sure if this will be a keep or a gift. Im torn! Both my sisters do the bronzer thing so that may just go to one of their christmas piles. 
This is a deluxe size sample and is worth about $5.50 USD

Fifth is :
The name is correct! This is a nice bold red without being clownish! I love the texture and the staying power of this brand and i will certainly be picking up a few more!
This is full size and retails for $14.00 USD


This is a beautiful shade of lilac! Its just enough shimmer to add a pop to your eye without looking too glittery! I love that Ipsy listened when we said ' no more black eyeliner' hahah I don't know about you but I have tons of black eyeliner! Im so glad to now have a purple! 
This is full size and retails for $14.00 USD

Needless to say this is my favorite Ipsy bag to date! for a measly $10 Dollars I received over $75 dollars worth of makeup and polish. 

If you haven't jumped on the Ipsy train yet, heres my referral :D

If you have jumped on the train then please let me know what you think of this months bag!!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Glitzy Glazes Give Away!!!!

Hey Gals!

I can't believe I won one of the coolest prizes! I just recently have discovered a whole new world of indie nail polish!  I enter a TON of giveaways because for one it lets me discover new things and for two if you never enter you will never win. Hahaha even so I never win things so when I got an email saying  I won I was THRILLED!!!!!!!

I won three whole bottles!! 

I picked:

Please excuse the horrible condition my nails are in the following pictures. Water heater overflowed the house and my nails broke and almost shredded due to all the water they were in during cleaning up the mess. Im glad to say that they are starting to repair :D

-Ahem- back to the program!

Poppin' Cotton Candy Dots : I had to pick this because just looking at it instantly took me to the fair and getting that HUGE bag of cotton candy! This is just darling and I had to wear it immediately! 

Im So Sari: I think its obvious why i picked this one.... its just wow!

 Grim Grinning Ghosts: This polish referenced Ghostbusters in the description.  I had to have it! 

 None of these disappointed! They are GORGEOUS! They evened out well, no bubbles, and lasted well. I will definitely be buying some Glitzy Glazes in the near future! 
Please go check Kathi out here! Also take a second to check her FB page for news and pre releases!!

ANDDDDD here's my first nail video :

Monday, November 11, 2013

Glitter Guilty Box November 2013

Hey gals!

I love love this sub box and i wish i would have "discovered" it sooner!

This is my second box and I loved it!

First up us Sugar and spice as the mini this month!

One coat:

 Two coats:

Three Coats:
Four Coats: This is where you really see the gorgeous coppery shimmer and depth! This was without top coat too!
 This is the four coats with the matte on top. I really love this! It just reminds me of cinnamon and sugar and is too perfect for Thanksgiving!

My Monthly full size is Golden Sands!

one coat:

 Two coats:

 Three Coats:

 This is too pretty! The glitter is super flashy and it evens out perfectly on the nail. This would be great as a topcoat or as an accent nail with several layers. 

Lastly a chocolate goody!! 
Lets just say this didn't last long :p 

Once again I'm thrilled! Shipping did lag a tad bit this month but Jessica made sure to keep us all informed! I'd love to see your box! drop me a link in the comments and I'll check yours out! 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Nail Art Society November 2013

Hey Gals!

Im working on editing down two videos and they should be up soon! In the meantime:

I ordered the nail Art society box simple because I love Very Emily!

I joined at the last minute on Oct 11th. I do believe the deadline was the 15th of october.

Nail art society has this on their website:

     "Once you’ve confirmed your membership, we will ship out to you mid month our Nail Art Society       curated kit with professional tools, polish and nail art accessories along with a step by step How-To instructional card to complete a curated Nail Art Look.  Since the boundaries of nail art are endless, you will not only have the products to produce one look but many! Whether you are a nail art connoisseur or a nail art newbie, as you continue your membership you will build your collection of professional products to keep you nailtastic through the years. We realized that there were many videos on the internet on how to do nail art tutorials, but if you don’t have access to the tools and resources to actual create the look, it stops there. WE curate everything you need to experiment and explore the millions of different Nail Art looks out there! So go ahead and get creative!"

It sounds great! The box is 11.95 plus 3.75 so I was charged a total of $15.70. Now that is only 4.30 shy of the price of a julep box, and about the same as a Glitter Guilty box. So I was expecting a comparable box. 

I was super excited to see it in my postbox this afternoon. 

It came in a black drawstring pouch:

First up the Nail Studs:

I didn't count them because


Lol but seriously i guess-timate about 50 a baggie. So approx 200 total. If someone got this and counted them feel free to throw that number in the comments!

Next up a black Matte polish from Jessica custom nail color:

And then the card:

 The card is really well done. I not only list the steps to create the look, but also includes pictures every step of the way.

Sadly I wasn't too impressed. I love the bio on Emily. And the neon/gold studs are a great match for the matte black. But there wasn't even nail glue included! This was listed as a nail kit and I can't even do what's on the ideas card without getting glue for the studs. Compared to other boxes its not really a great deal in my opinion. I love the look yet I feel like for the money I could have bought the studs and polish at a better price and then some. I just purchased 1,500 studs on amazon for 1.99 and Mentality has an amazing black Matte called Rascal for 7 dollars. 

The cancelation process was easy and painless, and once i pick up some glue I will do a post on the look!

****Edit 11/20/2013******
I picked up some gel and did this with the kit I also used Golden Sands by glitter guilty for the accent. I like the look overall. The black matte is really nice. Still I don't think this is a sub for me :

Have you tried Nail Art Society? What did you think?