Friday, August 22, 2014

The Giver Inspired Nail Polish By China Glaze

Hey Ladies!

This past weekend I went to see The Giver with my mom :D We had such a nice time! Just two ladies with no kids attached ! I love my babies but its a whole new world when I get some girl time. 

After the movie I had to stop by Sallys for some top coat. BEHOLD! Giver Polish! I didn't even know there was a line released for it!

There are 11 shades in total. You can find them all here on Ulta's website. I would post photos of the shades but I'm so paranoid to use a photo unless its mine!

I picked up Seeing Red. In direct sunlight its a deep red . In the shade it leans brownish red. So so so pretty! 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

One Direction Up All Night Collection

Hey Ladies!

Brand Backer sent me the Up all Night Collection from One Direction to review and share with you!

The song is about wanting to live the night to the fullest.

On to the makeup! The set comes in a nice tin. There is a plastic sleeve with the boys and the names on the outside. The sleeve slides off to show a black and white brick wall.

Thats where the stencils come in! You can use them to decorate the box however you want.
Open it up and to the left there is a panel with some ideas to get you started. All the makeup has its own spot nice and snug. You can also remove the insert to store more if you wanted.
Heres a closer shot of the left panel:
And a closer shot of the right:
The lipstick is very bright pink!

The gloss is super shimmery and almost seems to glow! 

The shadows are a nice balance of colors. You can tone it up or down depending on what you are planning for the night. 

Save You Tonite (teal) and Another world (deep blue) are very shimmery, but can easily be toned down with More than this and Gotta be you. 

The Pencil can be used as an eyeliner or body crayon. It makes nice smooth lines and is easy to control. 

Heres one last swatch of the lipgloss (top), Lipstick (left) and Pencil (right) :

Here are the release dates:


The line will be available worldwide starting in the U.S. 


Macy's : August 11th

Stage Stores : August 25th

Dillards : August 25th

Beauty Brands : August 25th

Lord and Taylor :August 25th

*International release dates TBD. We'll keep you posted!

You can also find more information on the Makeup By One Direction Facebook Page :) 

This post is powered by Brand Backer. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Marbles For polish in Sentinel and Noble

Hey Ladies!

Recently I was sent two bottles of Holo-y goodness from Shannon, the creator of Marbles for Polish. These polishes were provided free in exchange for my honest opinion and swatches. 

Both polishes arrived quickly and well wrapped. I think thats important to point out because I've seen some wrapping jobs that make me wonder. 

First polish is a dreamy aqua/teal holo called Noble. This is my weakness! I have so many bottles in this hue but I still find myself wanting more! 

Formula was dreamy and leveled well! Photos are shown with two coats of polish. 

Second polish is a deep purple holo called Sentinel. Photos show two coats. 

The formula here was just as dreamy :D

This was far too pretty to simply swatch so I played around and came up with this :
Photos show two coats with secondary color sponged on to make a gradient. Then stamps and sealed with a top coat. 


 Direct Sun:

You can find Marbles for Polish on FB
Also on Etsy

Friday, August 15, 2014

Super Easy Rainbow Mani Tutorial

Hey Gals! 

I recently picked up the Rave collection from Gothic Gala Lacquers and I have just absolutely fallen in love with it! So pretty! Bright and Shimmery! 

I'll be swatching the collection soon. But for now the rainbow mani!

This nail art is super easy and requires no tools!

Pick your 4 colors. They should be jelly like but they don't have to be. 

I picked (L-R) Orange Crush, Face Melter, S-extacy, and Hot Pants

After my base coat I opted to use a coat of Juleps Soraphine. I feel this helps blur the natural nail line.

Step One:
Paint a strip of one color to the far right of your nail. 

Step Two:
Paint your next color slightly overlapping the first. You can see the blue and yellow blended to make green. If you don't want blending use a thinner brush and don't overlap. 

Step Three:

Step four: 
Finish up with your fourth color and clean up the cuticle line 

And thats it your done!
I did decide i needed to water marble a bit 
 Looks at that shimmery swirly goodness! ooooohhh my!

And yes these DO glow in the dark! I was unable to capture it in a photo but as soon as I learn how to I will post :D 

I hope you enjoy this easy peasy tutorial and I'd love to see your recreations!