Friday, August 30, 2013

Weekly Mani Challenge to commence in Oct !!

Hey Gals!

I've come across dozens of " Daily nail challenges"

While I would LOOOOOVE to be able to do my mani on a daily basis its just not going to happen. Between the house, the kids, school and what not theres just no way. Not to mention that daily polish changes would be really bad for my already short nails!

So i was googling around and behold! GretalRabbit has procured up a nifty neat WEEKLY mani challenge! Its a couple of years old but still I'm super excited to start this up! Feel free to join in and post in the comments if you are up for the challenge!

week no. / date / theme:

03-Oct  pink
2 10-Oct  inspired by colour
3 17-Oct  gradient
4 24-Oct  Halloween
5 31-Oct  metallic
6 07-Nov nudes/browns
7 14-Nov inspired by a tutorial
8 21-Nov taping
9 28-Nov rainbow
10 05-Dec winter
11 12-Dec violet
12 19-Dec Christmas
13  26-Dec new years
14 02-Jan    black and white
1509-Jan    inspired by song
16 16-Jan    splatter
17 23-Jan    red
18 30-Jan    inspired by movie/TV
19 06-Feb   polka dot
20 13-Feb   valentines day
21 20-Feb   green
22 27-Feb   inspired by flag
23 06-Mar spring
24 13-Mar kawaii
25 20-Mar inspired by pattern
26 27-Mar pastel
27 03-Apr Easter
28 10-Apr yellow
29 17-Apr inspired by fashion
30 24-Apr galaxies
31 01-May neon/bright
32 08-May flowers
33 15-May orange
34 22-May half moon
35 29-May inspired by food
36 05-Jun  summer
37 12-Jun  delicate print
38 19-Jun  inspired by technology
39 26-Jun  stripe
40 03-Jul  glitter
41 10-Jul  tribal
42 17-Jul  inspired by book
43 24-Jul  water marble
44 31-Jul  blue
45 07-Aug french manicure
46 14-Aug inspired by artwork
47 21-Aug animal print
48 28-Aug matte
49 04-Sep autumn
50 11-Sep newspaper
51 18-Sep inspired by supernatural/sci-fi
52 25-Sep grey

Chalkboard Mani

Hey Gals!

School started this week for me! Im pretty excited about Computer programming and Philosophy. These are two classes I've wanted to take for awhile but I kept putting it off.

I came across an adorable mani courtesy of CutePolish

I didn't do a step by step in pictures because her video does a super job of explaining it below:

And heres my finished result:

What do you think? Would you wear this? If you tried it I'd love to see it!

Friday, August 23, 2013

FLOWER Beauty by Drew

Hey Gals!

I was lucky enough to win a prize pack from FLOWER Beauty! I adore Drew Barrymore ! I think she's so adorable and I love that she has her own line. Ive not seen it in stores anywhere but someone mentioned it is at Walmart.

I really like that nothing really has a scent. I am very sensitive to smell and all of these cosmetics don't  stink :D

 I know the pictures are a bit dark but it was a horrible storm outside and the flash made it ten times worse!
From Left to right we have :
Nail'd it lacquer in April Showers

Its a very deep blue. I am currently doing the three day hydration challenge by pure nail oil so I cant wear any polish. I will be swatching this once the challenge is over, and blogging about how the oil worked for me :D

Kiss Sticks High Shine in Tulips
I love the little window on the bottom! I can't tell you how frustrating it is to have 3-4 lipstains in the same packaging and have to open them to check if thats the one you want. I love love this packaging! I love the pigment and the feel of this lipstick!
Color Play Creme Eyeshadow in Time Willow Tell
Again great pigmentation and this blends out really well! So this could be a solid eye color or just applied lightly to add a little shimmer.
Raise Some 'Brows in Blonde

Nice brow pencil to fill in any spots that need it, or to add a little more definition as needed.
Not too soft but not to hard just right!
Extreme Measures Lengthening mascara in Black Brown (LM3)
I havent tried this yet mostly because Ipsy just sent me a pixie mascara that i LOVE LOVE LOVE! So I will try this when i run out of pixie :p

Left to right - Brow pencil, Color play eyeshadow,  kiss stick

I love this bracelet too!! I got it on TopHatter and I have been wearing it non stop! Its hard to link anything from there because its an auction site and constantly changes. However this is the sellers ETSY store. She has a Custom order button so I'm sure you could contact her if you wanted to :D

Have you tried FLOWER yet? Let me know what you think of it!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Ipsy Glam bag August 2013

Hey Gals!

Once again it feels like i am the LAST person on the planet to get my ipsy bag! Ive been good this month and not looked at any unboxings or my glam room that was updated last week :/ I do wish they would wait until i actually got the box!!!

Uhg! BUT! That is my only complaint. I LOVE IPSY!
Before I go over what I got I wanted to mention that Michelle Phan ( Founder of Ipsy Glam Bag) Has just started her own cosmetic line earlier this week. Im so excited about this!!! I do have my fingers crossed that next month we will see one of her products in our bags!

Onto the unbagging!

This months theme is:
(sorry my card got a lil beat up in the package!)

Perfect timing because most of us are back to school! I am taking Philosophy and Computer Programming this semester so wish me luck :p

First up we have:

A face scrub by Michael Todd Organics. 

Ive never heard of this brand before but anything organic excites me! 

Next up is :

Pacifica Alight Multi-Mineral BB Cream. No matter what angle I took this at it came out hard to read. Hahaha but it is very shiny and i look forward to trying it. I love all the BB CC DD cremes. This also has those color matching properties. I lean towards these types of things because I am pale. 10 min of sun and i have warm undertones, no sun i have cool undertones. 

Third we have:

Urban Decay lipstick in Anarchy. I have hear so much good stuff about Urban decay products. Very rarely do I see any bad reviews on them so I am eager to try it! 

Fourth product is:

Pixie Lash boost Mascara. I am a big fan of pixie. The packaging is adorable! The pigments overall in this line are strong and long lasting. My favorite product is their flawless beauty primer. 

And the last piece : 

MicaBeauty eyeshadow in bronze. This is such a pretty color! Im a big fan of brown shimmery shadows. This also would work well as a highlighter. 

And of course you cant forget the bag:

I might be strange but I can ALWAYS use a new makeup bag. They can double as a clutch, as an organizer in your tote, a fancy gift bag, art supplies ect :D
My Ipsy bag August 2013. Arrival on the 16th :D

What do you think? Drop me a comment to your blog. Id be glad to check out your bag! 
I'm overly impressed with this bag. 10 bucks including shipping and I more than got that back in product. 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Water Marbled Nails

Hey Gals!

So I have seen water marbled nails all over YouTube and I have wanted to give it a go. I've been so busy getting ready for back to school this past week! Now that everything is all set I had some time to give it a go!

I started off with this video :

Im not going to do a tutorial on this because there are TONS of them already out there. I think PinkAddictive does a great job of explaining the process. I do have a few tips though if you are struggling :)

1.) Plain old tap water. Mine was at 76 degrees Fahrenheit. I temped it because I did see many comments on the polish not spreading. Too cold and the polish dries too fast. and too hot the polish wont spread. 

2.) Try not to use polish that is Fast drying, glitter/shimmer or Color changing. I have about 60 bottles of polish and those were the ones that did not work right

3.) make sure the drop of polish is gently touching the surface. Don't just let it drop in because it will sink. 

4.) This is hard to explain but about halfway through my polish stopped spreading right. Just let the film on top of the water completely dry then swirl it out with a toothpick. You will see what I mean when you try it.

5.) I personally hate the feel of tape on my fingers so i coated my fingers with vaseline. What ever you prefer don't skip on this step. This is SOOOOOOOO messy if you don't use Vaseline/ tape/ lotion to keep the polish off your skin. 

Heres how my first attempt turned out:
Left hand:

Right Hand:
I love love love it! I did have a few problems with bubbles. But I will definitely be doing this mani again in the near future! 
August 15th 2013- Update

I had so much fun with this mani... and i didn't top coat it so it didn't last long. So I had to do it again today:D Heres the pics:

Have you tried this yet? Have any questions about it or need help? Let me know!! I'd love to see how yours turned out!

August 2013 Nature Box Review

Hey Gals!

The nature box last month was well received at our house so we kept the subscription going. We got the 19.99 plan which is the snacks for one. I bake frequently through out the week so this snack box helps to guarantee we have some more healthier options to snack on :)

This months Theme was back to school. 

Sweet Blueberry Almonds (vegan):

4 Servings per container 13g  and 170 calories per serving. I know that seems very high for a snack but almonds have the good fats in them (like the kind in olive oil so don't fret! ).  This also packs a whopping 6 grams of protein!!

Cherry Berry Bonanza (Vegan):

The tartness of the cranberries are great in this mix! I love dried fruit for me and the kids oatmeal. Its also great to hold them over as I'm cooking dinner. My only complaint is that they added sugar to it. In my opinion dried fruit is sweet enough and doesn't need the added sugar. Still its about the same amount of sugar as crasins by ocean spray so not too bad. 
3 Servings per container 0.5 grams of fat and 130 calories per serving. 

Santa Fe Corn Stix:

I think these aren't going to last long! They are taste like fritos and Doritos but lighter. Not too salty and just yummy!

5 Servings per container and 6 g of fat and 140 calories per serving

Cocoa Waffle Wafers:

These have a nice crisp to them and a very Cocoa taste. I like them. The kids didn't think they were sweet enough. Servings per container: 2 2.5 g of fat and 110 cal per serving. 

Teriyaki Twists (Vegan):

These have an amazing crunch to them! They have a light sesame/ soy taste to them. I love how it is lightly salty but not overboard. The kids also really dug this one!

Referral ( we both get half off the box price :))

What do you think about this month? 
Let me know!!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Matte Mani

Hey Gals!

I've had the matte topcoat for awhile now and honestly the only "inspiration" I could really find was the black one with shiny tips like this:

And it is very pretty but I'm not a big fan of all black nails. Maybe for halloween but i like colors :p

So I recently came upon this:

and i LOVE it!

So this is my version on it :D
Heres what I used :

Left to Right:
base coatMatte coatMillieMoon Candy

Base coat, then one coat of Millie:
This polish only needs one coat in my opinion so that saves some time!

I adore the bluish flakes in moon candy. However it is very difficult to apply! I sorta just dab until i get a few flakes. This makes the coat kinda goopy and uneven So after this dries completely I go over it with a top coat just to even it out some. But you may be able to skip that if you are more skilled at the flakey types of glitter :D

In the picture above you can see the index finger has the matte top coat and the middle finger has the regular top coat.
And viola! I love it! It reminds me of the rocks I used to find when I was little. The ones that are mostly dull with a few flecks of sparkle in them!

Let me know what you think!