Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Sina Tina Lina Gina Uv Gel Nails full kit from Ebay December 2013 and Happy New Years!!

Hey gals!!! 

I haven't logged in since Christmas eve and WOW! 200 views in just these few days!!! Im so honored! Thank you so much for tuning in!!! I have a giveaway coming in January. If you want to be a part please message me or leave a comment below :D

Okay on to the first order of business! The Sina/Tina/Lina/Gina uv gel nail kit!! I've gotten pretty decent with doing my own acrylic nails but the smell is terrible! The fumes linger and I just dread that part of it. My Darling Husband said I could order a gel system and that would be my Christmas present *SQUEEEE*

I was delighted!!! After lots of searching, reading forums, and seeing what local nail salons used I decided on Sina. Now the reason I address it as 4 different things is because the packaging makes it hard to tell what the first letter is. I got my kit off of eBay for just under $50. This is a steal because the last time I got full gel nails (not the gel overlay) was $60 plus a tip to the nail tech.
As always when you get something like this off of eBay it is hard to tell if it is genuine or not. I contacted Sina and based on the pictures i sent them it looks real to them. 

Heres the screenshot of the listing:
This is ModernBeauty00's photo not mine, but she did such a great job of setting it up I had to share it !

The kit was WELL packaged! I did a quick unboxing of it here if you want to check it out:

I had to edit out a lot of the unpacking just because there was so much tape and bubble wrap! I love when sellers take the extra time to make sure I get everything in tact! Its such a bummer to wait on a package only to get it and hear the tell tale of broken rattling when you pick it up!

This was listed as a pro kit so it did not contain any instructions. But it did contain:

1 x UV Lamp 9W
1 x 30 color pure UV GEL
1 X top coat
1 x UV gel (white) 1/2 OZ
1 x UV gel (pink) 1/2 OZ
1 x UV gel (clear) 1/2 OZ
1 x cleanser plus
5 x Sable acrylic brush
1 x Glass Cup
1 x Side Clipper
1 x nail glue
1 x OPI Cuticle revitalizer oil
1 x pink Sanding File
1 x 12 colors of rhinestones
1 x 12 colors of pearl
1 x Nail art clipper
2 x nail separator

Here's another photo from ModernBeauty00:
This is all the colors in the kit with the numbers ( This is also so I can look on here instead of randomly opening tubs hahahahah)

And because I am such a nut for glitter I had to grab this too :
Sorry for the flash but the sun wont come out and play today... 
Anyhow this was $14 on ebay and is 12 glitter uv gels. Im kind of confused that these are in clear tubs. Wont they cure if exposed to light? Comment if you know the answer!! For now I have them double wrapped in a manilla envelope. 

After watching a ton of youTube videos on UV gels I was pretty confident. The only part I struggled on was how long to cure the gels, every video said something different and most videos showed a 36 watt lamp while mine is a 9 watt. I did see that many people experienced burning with the higher watts, so i am glad to report there was no burning or discomfort at all :D

 I did 3 medium coats and cured each layer for 4 minutes. I used red tips and I think the outcome was great!! Next time I will try 4 thin coats and I will be sure to pick up some lint free pads (mine shredded so bad! I typically have no problem when using them to remove polish but for wiping gels I think you really need super thin, lint free pads!)

I didn't make a video of the process, but i do plan on making one in the future once i get the technique down. Im a firm believer that gel and acrylic nails are an art and I aim to master said art :D

Have you tried any uv gel nail kits? What did you think? 

Lastly I leave you with this:

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

My 2013 "skittles" Christmas Mani

Hey gals!!!

I wanted to make a quick post :) I have started using Instagram @nailofatale

Also here's my mani!!! I won't list all that I used because I used a LOT! But if you want to know a certain color just ask :D I read all my comments !!

I just wanted to say 

And expect a giveaway soon !! <3

Thursday, December 19, 2013

December 2013 Ipsy Bag!

Hey Gals!

Last month Ipsy blew us all away! I was worried they might be a little less wow this month :/

Yet over all I think they made a good bag :)

This months theme is:

Okay we will get this over with 

" omg I can't believe they sent lashes i hate these things! *

lol ok thats over with. Me and Lashes are not friends and will never be. However I did gift these to my sissy for her birthday. We shall see what she thinks at a later date !

Second Item is:

A Nyx shimmer/ nude lipstick. This is super creamy and for me I think makes a great nude lip with just a hint of shine. I saw on a comment that this also would work well as a highlighter. 

Third is an eyeshadow trio from Pop Beauty in Naturally Bare. I also gifted this to my sissy. The browns here are lovely! However I recently just cleared out my ba-jillion little pallets for the huge e.l.f. geometric pallet. 

Fourth is the darling Taupe from Nicka K New York. I love this! I am waiting to use it because I am testing out Juleps Oxygen treatment but you can look up the swatches if you want :) it reminds me of chocolate milk! Creamy and wonderful. I am not typically a fan of neutrals but this is just too pretty!

The last item is the be a bombshell The One Stick in Girl Crush. I did attempt to get some swatches of this but it bended far to well with my hand. However using it over foundation it does make for a very nice blush. The product page says it is recommended for use on the eyelids, lips or cheeks. Haven't tried eye or lips but this is a nice pale pink with a touch of shimmer. 

And lets not forget about the little black bag it all came in! I love the texture on it! 

Overall I'm happy with this month! The only 'miss' was the eye lashes and the rest of the products were hits :D

What did you get in your Ipsy bag? Share in the comments I'd love to see!

Want to join the Ipsy bag club? Click HERE!

GLAM BOXES LLC December 2013 Editorial box Review

Hey Gals!

Today i am VERY excited to bring you a review of the newly launched Glam Box LLC!

As you know I am a huge Ipsy fan! One of my complaints of Ipsy is that at some times it lacks personalization. I do not nor will ever wear false eyelashes or loose glitter. Yet time to time I get that in my bag. Its not a huge deal, I still love Ipsy but it would be nice to not get things I vote down. 

Glam Box LLC has you take a quiz to get a baseline of your profile. She then curates a box with a variety of things you might like. 

The first thing about this box I love was that I was sent a tracking code and ETA. The other subs I have right now are hit and miss in this area. About half the time I get a tracking. And even when I do get a code its a 50-50 shot that it actually works. Most times I get my bag before I get notice. 
With this box I got my notice with an ETA of Thursday and it arrived a whole day early!! So bonus points for a tracking number, that worked, and early arrival during the holidays!

Okay lets get into the box!

 First impression: Wow wrapped nice and tidy! 

 The lid had a nice photo on it with the month and the brands printed inside!

After removing the tissue I saw silk petals, bubble wrap, a note and a gift box. Super pretty! This would make an excellent gift!

 A sweet note thanking me <3

The first thing I pulled out was a cute makeup bag!

Inside was:

* 4 Mini Polishes (Bonita in Pink Shuffle, Opal, Yacht Club. Orly in Star Spangled)
* Perfume Sample
* 1 Mirror Compact
* Lipgloss Palate 

You can find more Bonita HERE There are also some for sale on the Glam Box LLC site. 

I'm already a fan of ULTA and I have been needing a lip gloss palate. I ADORE this! 

There were lovely Acetone Free Polish Remover pads. I love these things because they have an oil in them so after using this your nails are nourished and not all dehydrated! 

Not only was there Chocolate.... but it was Godiva.... and not only Godiva but DARK Chocolate mmmmm my fav!! Honestly these barely lasted long enough for the pics ( don't judge me :p)

I am not sure where the tea lights are from but they smell sooooo good! I really liked how these were in a sealed bag. This is super important to me because this is a scent sensitive house hold. I hate when a package wreaks of a scent that is making everyone sneeze. This however was a loverly scent and I will update when I find out the company :D

*Edit* These are from Granny's Dessert Candles *here*

This was a whole new product and brand for me! I have never heard of a whipped conditioning/styling cream! This smells very nice and felt really good in my hair. It does come out fast though so be aware! You can find more Sebastian Professional Products HERE.

Last up is this soap! Again it smells awesome! It has a light clean scent. Im really impressed that all the smells in this box were pleasant and didn't bother anyone in the household. That is a rare occasion indeed! Red Burst is a soap company that uses baking soda and natural oils. Im already a fan of this brand and it just so happens I needed to order more but surprise it was in my glam box :D

I think it goes without saying that I am thrilled about this new Subscription! I can not wait to see what will be in Januarys box!!

There are three options as far as pricing goes: 

And here is the info for shipping/ cut off dates:

 Shipping to U.S. - $4.95

Canada - $10.00 - (Includes International Shipping Costs)

Cutoff for new orders is on the 9th of each month.

Orders placed after the 9th, will receive their boxes the following month

Billing is on the 10th of each month for SUBSCRIBERS only. 

Shipping begins on the 15th of each month. 

To sign up CLICK HERE
*When you take your Glam Quiz Don't forget to say who sent ya ;)*

To check out Glam Box LLC on Facebook CLICK HERE

Questions? Let me know in the comments!

Monday, November 25, 2013

USPS Style Box of Joy is here!

Hey Gals!

Back in mid September I signed up for the free style box of joy!
There was a huge frenzy over at the site as thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people flooded the servers to be one of the first 5,000 to register.

The registration began at midnight and somewhere in there I got the form submitted. However everyone was given a generic Thanks, and if you were one of the first 5k you will get a box.

So no one really knew if they got one or not until they got a shipping notification. I got my notification on the 22nd. And half an hour ago it showed up :) I had to vLog it of course because I was so excited that I actually got one.

So what do you think? For me? Id say thats the best freebie Ive ever got!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Turkey Mani and Amazon Rhinestones!

Hey gals! Just a quick post! My Rhinestones came in this morning! I ordered them October 20 So they did take a whole month and one day to get here. I can't complain  I got two of them for $2.40. I really like the little wheel they come in! Most studs/ rhinestones I've ordered in the past come in baggies. While baggies are easy to store, they are difficult to use! but the wheel is small and will store nicely and is easy to use with tweezers or a wax pencil. 

 Also I wanted to show off my turkey mani! I used the baggie method. Incase you haven't heard of it you can check it out here :
Im new to free hand and this video shows you how to make your own 'stickers'. You can even make manis ahead of time if you want to!
 Who else made turkey manis?! I'd love to see them!!

Ipsy MyGlam November 2013

Hey Gals! 

This month IPSY really outdid themselves! 

We shall start with the bag!
I hear many blogers complain about the Ipsy logo being on the outside of the bag. For me it doesn't matter. I like Ipsy and i don't mind the logo.  But this month the logo is inside this lovely golden bag that is lined with pink fabric. I am glad they added on a little wrist loop so I can use this as a mini purse!

First up:
Now I have received nailtini before and i liked it but i didn't know they were all about layering color to make a diffrent look! In the link above you can go to their site and mix up a nail 'cocktail' Now I want to go get more nailtini!! Especially the blue flame top coat!
This is full size and retails for 13.00 USD

Second we have:
Michelle Phan's Em Cosmetics Lash Gallery Lengthening Mascara. Michelle started as a youTuber who made tutorials on how to get department store looks with drugstore products. She then later on started MyGlam bags, which then became Ipsy. She wanted a way to let people try various makeup and nail products for a lesser price. Ipsy has been wildly successful and Michelle has recently launched her new makeup line called EM. She still makes videos for her products and I am so glad to own more EM. I love the eyeliners and lipsticks ( i had to get them at launch). Between Ipsy and sephora shopping I have 6 tubes of unopened deluxe mascara samples. So this mascara will probably be a swap or a gift.
This is full size and retails for $20.00 US Dollars.

Third is:
Glam Glow YouthMud and it must be made out of pure magic at 279 a tube! Things like this is why i ADORE Ipsy! I can try this and see if its worth the price tag for me. I haven't tried this yet because I just started doing a new face mask and I want to see how it works before I throw something new in the mix. This site also has a $12 try before you buy set so you can check it out too if you aren't an Ipsy subscriber. 
This is a deluxe size sample and is worth about $20.00 USD

 Fourth there is:

I love Pixie products so I'm glad to see this in my bag. However I don't use bronzer. I use concealer and foundation and a blush that is in the brown/bronze family. Im not sure if this will be a keep or a gift. Im torn! Both my sisters do the bronzer thing so that may just go to one of their christmas piles. 
This is a deluxe size sample and is worth about $5.50 USD

Fifth is :
The name is correct! This is a nice bold red without being clownish! I love the texture and the staying power of this brand and i will certainly be picking up a few more!
This is full size and retails for $14.00 USD


This is a beautiful shade of lilac! Its just enough shimmer to add a pop to your eye without looking too glittery! I love that Ipsy listened when we said ' no more black eyeliner' hahah I don't know about you but I have tons of black eyeliner! Im so glad to now have a purple! 
This is full size and retails for $14.00 USD

Needless to say this is my favorite Ipsy bag to date! for a measly $10 Dollars I received over $75 dollars worth of makeup and polish. 

If you haven't jumped on the Ipsy train yet, heres my referral :D

If you have jumped on the train then please let me know what you think of this months bag!!