Monday, February 24, 2014

Glam Boxes LLC February 2014

Hey Gals!

Im happy to say that for the third month in a row I have been delighted with this box!!

Ready to see whats inside? Okay!!

 Here are a two samples and a butter gloss from Nyx. Technically this wasn't included in my box this was just a little extra because Im not a huge fan of glitter eyeshadows :D

Jamberry Nail wraps! Already a huge fan of these! So I loved getting some new designs and the mini heart file is too cute!

Caribbean Salsa Tea light from Krista's Candles. I loved the Soy tarts in last months box. This smells nice and clean! Can't wait to burn it! 

Loving Spell Tea Lights from Simple Aromas. Again glad to see more from this company! I like how this is citrus but also has a nice combination of other fruits and bergamot. 

Soft and chewy sugar cookies from a Bite of heaven!

 3 beautiful hair ties from Just Knotted:
Bears Beauty Organics body butter. This is a nice blend of natural butters. Perfect for this harsh winter!
I got a picture this time! A chocolate pop that is delicious! These are handmade and can be customized to fit your party or event. You can fine Sandi Pops here
Left to right :
Heartfelt Inspirations Zesty Lemon Lotion bar. - I love the concept of lotion and oil bars. I feel like it moisturizes deeper and lasts longer compared to regular lotions. 
Bears Beauty Body Butter- I talked about this earlier in the post,  but again a great blend of natural butters. 
Jillybeans Creative Expressions Bath and Body Shop Sugar Scrub Cubes- This idea is genius! I looove sugar scrubs. i HATE getting it under my nail! And is it just me or does the last bit of scrub in the jar always seem.... scummy? These are perfect cubes that prevent all of that! 
Heres a closer shot of the cubes just so you can see the sugary goodness! 

BA*STAR Eye Shadow Pallet. The first three are sooooo pretty! Just a touch of shimmer and satin. The last two are super glitter :p not my kinda party but I know some of you ladies rock that eye glitter hard! It also helps to know that this company caters to cheerleading, gymnastics, dance and other glamorous sports. 

Last but CERTAINLY not least is Smelly Goods and Prettys Vapid Lacquer in Hypnomaniac! This is a multi-chrome that shifts into purple and orange and yellow and its sooo pretty! 

Unboxing Video:

And here is the info for shipping/ cut off dates:

 Shipping to U.S. - $4.95

Canada - $10.00 - (Includes International Shipping Costs)

Cutoff for new orders is on the 9th of each month.

Orders placed after the 9th, will receive their boxes the following month

Shipping begins on the 15th of each month. 

Also all boxes are now a one time purchase. 

To sign up CLICK HERE
*When you take your Glam Quiz Don't forget to say who sent ya ;)*

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Royal Lacquer's Valentines Box

Hey Gals!

You may remember a few month back I was sent some polishes and Vynails to try out from Royal Lacquers formerly Soaps n Suds!

I've been eyeing some of her polishes and when I saw a Valentines you pick it box I jumped right in!

The deal was you pick 5 polishes and 2 Vynails for $25 I had a hard time picking only 5. I almost went for the bigger box! But then I made myself look at the polishes I still need to post about :p

I also am debuting my light-box in this post so please do offer any constructive feedback on the photos!

Shipping was Super Fast!  It arrived in a cute sparkly blue wrapped box!
Each polish was individually wrapped in bubble wrap.

 From Left to Right : Triton, Mermaid Love, Your Grapeness, Crelly Bean, and Blue confusion.

I wanted to swatch all of these for you but honestly this one right here, Blue confusion is just too mesmerizing! Its blue but its purple but its jelly but its multidimensional but its...  Well its BEAST to capture in a still photo. 

Heres a mini video on IG. 

I have not seen anything like this out there before!! I think it might be bewitched with some strong magic because I have told myself that Im going to take it off to swatch the rest now, but somehow I talk myself into another day!

If you haven't yet go check out these polishes!!!

Royal Lacquers on FB

Royal Lacquer on Etsy

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Glam Glow Youth Mud Tingle Exfoliate treatment

Hey Gals!

I have heard nothing but GLOWING reviews of this magical mud that is well known for its place amongst the stars of Hollywood!

Im a total groupie when it comes to facial masks! Any time freeman beauty has a sale on their satchels I load up on them. I also love Micheal Todd's Kanolin clay face mask, but it over dries if I use it too much. I like to do a facial weekly to draw out and deep dirt or remedy any issues like dryness or inflammation. The Freeman satchels run between 1-2 dollars, and the Freeman tubes run 2-5. I much prefer the satchels because the variety and I think the ingredients last longer individually wrapped. The Micheal Todds mask runs $34 for 3.4 ounces ( and a mere $14 if you buy the set for $70.)

So! $69 for 1.7 ounces is really steep considering my go to is half that price and double the volume! Lucky for me I got a sample of it in an ipsy bag and I finally got around to using it yesterday.

**** I also wanted to point out my sample tube was .5 ounces. That was enough for one application. So a 1.7 ounce jar would be about 3 to 3 and a half uses ******

First let me show you the texture:

 Drippy gooey chunky and a light crisp scent sort of like citrus.

The pictures you are about to see might make you laugh. I don't know why but mask photos crack me up. The kids had a good laugh too!

As you can see this stuff had seeds and chunks of leaves in it. They were not overly abrasive or anything. They definitely did feel weird.

Directions say to wear for 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes my mask only half dried:
Im guessing because Florida is really humid that there just was too much moisture in the air to allow it to fully dry. I also noticed the side that was 'wetter' had more foliage (leaves and seeds) to it. However at 10 minutes my skin was tingling and tightening so I did take it off at this point. There were tiny scrubbies in this that felt awesome as I removed it.

I certainly felt glowy as if I just paid for a salon facial. My pores were smaller and my skin felt smooth as a baby's bum :D

Overall I really enjoyed this mask. Will I buy the jar? No. 
Two reasons. The first ingredient in this mask is WATER. Water comes out of my tap and for that price tag I expect a better base than that. I understand that mud is water + clay. However for $75-$85 I can get the entire skin care line that caters to my skin type, that lasts 3-4 months and makes my skin feel equally amazing. On top of that the base of majority of Micheal Todds products is aloe. 

What do you think? What are some of your go to brands for masks and facials?

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Tarte Colored Clay 7-Pc Collection with Bag on Qvc

Hey gals!

I have been lusting after Tarte CC Primer for awhile now but considering I already have a decent primer and the price tag ($34) was a little high! So I signed up with the website just to keep an eye out for a sale.

A few days later I got an ad for this whole set for 59.99! After Tax and shipping and handling it was $70 dollars!

I got it in just two days!

Here is the CC Primer:

It also comes with a big makeup bag. I put my brush next to it for size comparison:

The bamboo brush is super soft and blends well! I still used my finger to blend around the eyes and nose but this did a great job for the jaw, hairline and cheeks!

The liquid foundation is super light! I typically don't like liquids but this wore well for 7 hours.

The blush is also a bronzer. I haven't used bronzer before.  I used a huge flat top brush and just swirled it about. It looked really nice and warm. 

The lipgloss gave just a hint of color. It lasted for a few hours as well. I like the feel of this. It wasnt gloopy feeling. 

And the eyeliner and mascara. I didn't use the mascara yet because I have a bunch of other opened ones i want to use first. The Eyeliner was nice and stayed put with no running :D

And heres all of it together! So pretty!!!

I highly recommend before you make any Foundation,  CC, or  BB purchases online you go check them out in real life! The swatches on your screen can be so misleading! My local Sephora lady was more than happy to show me the tones and answer my questions . 

This kit is a great value and the ingredients are actually good for you! 
Heres a retail cost breakdown from Qvc:
 I dont know about the entire list but I do know the CC primer is 34 and I do know the brush is 30. So right there its a steal!

I did a video of the first time using it (which was literally minutes after delivery hahaha ): 

What do you think? Have you tried Tarte Cosmetics yet? 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Ever wanted to try perfume at home?

Hey gals!

Im sure you have noticed a bit of a lapse in posts !

I ordered a light box and am working out how to use it :D I have lots of awesome posts coming up from EllaGee polish, Picture Polish, Jindie, and others!

In the meantime Kristina over at The Feminine Files posted about Pinrose a few days ago. Its a site that asks you a few questions then recommends some scents you might like.

I always feel sorta pressured with the ladies spraying perfume on me in the middle of a department store. I really like this idea of putting it on for the day and seeing how that works out.

Sooooo I took the quiz and it suggested:

All three sound lovely and I can't wait to get my free samples. Shipping is also free !! What did the site pick for you?

Monday, February 3, 2014

February 2014 Square Hue box

Hey Gals!

This months square hue takes us on a trip to Tokyo! This is my second box from them and I certainly was not disappointed!! I had to jump on some nail art right away!

Now I know these pics are casting some huge shadows. I thought Id try something different called shooting in sunbeams. Its where you wait until the early evening and only photo on the beams of sun that come in through the blinds. I think it looks cool, kind of artsy. I know it may not appeal to everyones eye so try not to say anything if you can be sweet :D

Since tomorrows nail art challenge is Polka dots I thought I would swatch and dot!
square hue feb 2014

square hue feb 2014

square hue feb 2014
 Hahaha do you see the baby hand photobombing me here:
square hue feb 2014

square hue feb 2014

square hue feb 2014

square hue feb 2014
I can't get over how amazing these colors look together!! Do you Square Hue? Can't wait to see what everyone else thinks about this month!!!