Monday, July 22, 2013

Opi Navy Shatter

Hey gals!

So just a few days ago NewVo Beauty had a flash sale of Opi Navy Shatter for 99 cents including shipping! I don't know how they do it but I do hope they stick around. They have good deals on products over all and these flash sales make it even nicer!
I found it odd that Opi made the text on this bottle black. Its impossible to read! 

I couldn't decide what base color I wanted, so I ended up painting strips of different colors underneath the crackle: 
I love this art deco set. All the brushes are super thin. I also adore this shimmery orange shade by opi called Die another day. 

Dont forget your base coat! Then just stripe some colors that you like onto your base coat. after it dries i recommend top coating the stripes. You don't have to I just like a smoother mani. Its very important you make sure the polish is 100% dry!  If you use the shatter on top of almost dry polish it makes a hot mess!

After the crackle dries completely then apply top coat. 

annnd viola!:

I can't decide what color turned out the best! Any of these colors would have made a great base color. And I think the different stripes add even more depth to the mani!
Until next time!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunset Mani Tutorial

Hey Gals!

So one of the most beautiful things is the sun set in summer (especially on the beach!)

When I got Mai Tai from nailtini in my ipsy bag, sunset was the first thing that came to mind. 

Here is what you need for your mani:

From Left to right: Top Coat, Lexie, Mai Tai, Base Coat
You will also need a sponge and something to mix polish with ( q tip, orange stick ect), and a surface to mix on ( I used my ipsy card)

First step: Base Coat

l've only recently started using base coat. I typically don't have any stains except for green polishes. But I learned that base coat isn't just for stain prevention! It helps to make your mani smoother, shinier and also helps the lacquer to last longer! So don't skimp on the base coat ladies :D

Second step: One coat of Mai Tai

This polish is great! just one coat had excellent coverage and I just cant get over how pretty this color is!

Third step:  mixing!

I took two drops of each color and mixed them well. you can do more or less depending on how quickly you can work. Polish dries in about 2-4 minutes after you take it out I had to repeat this for the second hand because i ran out of color, so this amount worked well for me.

Fourth step : dabbing

Dip your sponge and dab the mixed color starting about the middle of the nail length, move up to the top of your nails. You can do this as thick or as thin as you want. 

Fifth step:  tips

Dab the tips with the yellow color using the brush or the sponge. Try to only do the tips so you don't cover the pretty mix completely. Allow to dry.

Last step! Apply top coat and clean up cuticles :))

I hope you enjoy it! 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ipsy July 2013

My ipsy bag FINALLY came!!! I feel like I am the LAST person to get their ipsy bag! Grrr! Anyways I am very excited that it is here and I had to blog about it straight away! The whole family has been sick and ick all week! so this was a great pick me up :D

This months theme is : 
 And the brands represented are shown here:

I love the mailer! No mistaking what this is in my mailbox! and its just soooooo cute!

 This month's bag is plastic like and bright pink! I love this because it is semi water proof and that is a must for the beach. 

I got 5 items in my bag:

nailtini in mai tai:

Love the color! I will have to do something with this soon!

Pop beauty pouty pop crayon in Coral Crush:
I like this a lot! Its smooth and minty kind of like Softlips but with color!

Coola mineral sunscreen:

Im excited to try this because its hard to find natural sunscreen that work. I am very pale so 20 is a bit low of an spf for a beach day but this will be great for under the makeup for regular days. 

Big sexy hair Weather Proof spray:

I was also very happy to have this! In florida the humidity is always high! If i straighten my hair at 8 am by 2 it looks like a frizz fest. Im eager to see if this helps seal in the straight ironing for a bit longer.

BH Cosmetics California Collection:

This was the most anticipated item for me! I have heard so many good things about BH but I haven't had a chance to try them yet. Most of my extra money goes to the kids or monthly subs. The colors are so pretty!! Many people said these weren't pigmented enough. Personally i think they are just right. They have nice smooth color. I am excited to try some looks with these colors. I'm not sure that i would wear purple and gold together but I will definitely be trying all of them out!

What do you think about my ipsy bag? 
What did you get in yours?
Let me know!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

2013 Nature Box July Review

Hey Gals!

Recently my husband found out he needs to work on his cholesterol. We eat really healthy home cooked organic meals, but my husband LOVE LOVES oreos. So I have been on the lookout for healthy snacks that are yummy. I came across a half off a nature box and decided to give it a shot!

 The box was here the day after i received shipping confirmation! It contains 5 bags of snacks. 

The box contained a card describing all the snacks this month and the social media networks you can find nature box on. 

 One of the biggest attractions to this company was the fact that their snacks contained no high fructose corn syrup and no hydrogenated oils. It is becoming next to impossible to find things without those two ingredients. 
 I also loved that I did not have to go to the store and try to read the ingredients and nutrition label of 5 different bags with my husband and my kids. I love them all dearly but its like a vacation to shop alone! This box was great because a nutritionist already has looked them over and I can easily pronounce all the ingredients listed! As an added bonus every box bought, supplies a meal to a hungry person in America. So without further adieu:


  1. Tart and Tangy Fruit Medley: This was very sweet and i think it would be great to dress up some plain oatmeal or to add to bran muffins! Of course it is also good just plain. 3 Servings per bag. 140 calories per serving.

2. Tuscan Summer Mix: When I first opened the bag I caught a whiff of the basil and parmesan. yummy!!! This was so crunchy/savory/buttery/melt in your mouth goodness. I really like this one the best! 4 Servings per bag. 180 Calories per serving
 3. Mango Almond Bites: These are little rice cake bite minis. They have a great texture and the nuts really make this filling. Ive had rice cakes in the past and just wasn't impressed. But I liked these and i appreciate that there are no unpronounceable ingredients. 4 servings per bag. 150 calories per serving.
 4. South Pacific Plantains: I wasn't too sure about this. I don't like banana chips and when I think plantains I think about them in a frying pan all sweet and gooey. They had a nice crisp and tasted exactly like a potato chip. Im not a big fan of potato chips so this one was so-so for me. But if you love potato chips then this is a great healthy alternative! 5 Servings per bag. 150 calories per serving. 
5. Cherry crumble granola: When i think granola i think crunch. This one is a soft baked one. It is delicious! It is like a soft oatmeal cookie that fell apart. This will be perfect for the baby. She's always wanting my granola and I'm always worried about her choking.

Overall i am very happy with this box and will accept next months box. We have gone to the health food store MANY times and honestly never left without spending far more than 20 dollars and snacks there are hit and miss. Just because its healthy doesn't mean its good and you will want to eat it. All of these snacks were GOOD! I can just about guarantee that they will be gone before the next box shows up. I will let you know how the kids and hubby react to them. We may have to elect for the bigger box. 

Referral link :D 10 for you 10 for me!

Thanks for reading! post a comment if you have any comments/ questions!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Serum and La Bella Vita and Co

Hey Ladies!

I've used it off and on for about a month now. I have to say i don't notice much difference in the nail itself. But this stuff does amazing on my cuticles! I like brush on applicators because they aren't messy and just seem to make sense for application.

You may notice behind the nail serum is a nicely made leather journal. I'm a very artsy person and I have a deep appreciation for handmade leather bound journals. I came across La Bella Vita and Co in a google search when i was seeking out a new journal. This piece is so beautiful! The pages are ivory colored and the cover is gorgeous! I don't know if my pictures do it justice but I ADORE this journal!

It took two weeks to be handmade and i got it about 3 days after getting a tracking number. Tiffany, the woman who runs this business is incredible! After I placed my order and paid she contacted me to be sure that the order was correct and asked where I wanted my monogram to be placed. I ordered through Etsy because there was a promo at the time. I highly recommend this company! Journals make amazing gifts!

Tracy and Bess

Hey gals!

Todays swatches come from Julep!

Bess and Tracy!!

Tracy is a sea salt finish and Bess is a creme formulation.

This is with a clear base coat , then one coat of Bess, and one coat of Tracy. I wasn't sure if Tracy would be full coverage or not so i did a color underneath just in case. As you can see i left my ring finger Bess. Its such a pretty baby blue I love it!

Tracy does not dry flat and smooth, but i love how its not gross and gritty feeling either! It looks and feels just like zoyas pixie dust formula. I'm not going to use a top coat at all because this is a textured mani. But i have seen a few folks put on a top coat if you don't like the textured feel.
Let me know what you think!