Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Pop Sugar Must Have Resort Box 2014

Hey Gals! 
******Update added May1st******
I just got an email that said:

I thought Wow! cool! I should go update my blog post. When I got here I realized the post was never published!  So now I will make sure it goes live!

I have heard and seen tons of amazing things from Pop Sugar. I am in the process of cleaning out and reorganizing all my makeup and jewelry so I'm certainly not ready to commit to a new subscription box right now. 

However PopSugar has Special Edition boxes from time to time. The first spoiler I saw was for a Turkish bath towel. I was very shocked to see that a light, thin towel retailed for $75 plus shipping! 

The boxes go for $100 and i decided to take the plunge. 

As to be expected the box was well packed and is perfect for gift giving! The eyeliner box was a tad bit crushed but no damage and the face spray was a little leaky on the top. Because it was so well packaged there was no leaking anywhere else :D

First off the towel:

Its just a towel, right? NO!
It is the softest most wonderful thing ever and I don't know how I lived without it. Seriously! Its half bamboo half cotton. It is super absorbent. Yet dries insanely fast. Just draping it on your shoulders feels luxurious. I've never felt so strongly about a towel before.  Its great for travel as a blanket too! 


Sorry I'm pretty excited about the Turkish bath towel. 

The face spray comes from Clarks botanicals. It has anti aging properties and has a nice refreshing tingly feel to it. 

The eyeliner comes from smashbox and is lovely! A nice blue and gold duo. My high school colors were blue and gold so its extra bonus for me! They are limited so it may not be around long. 

The clutch comes from RB of MCD the closest style I could find was here. Its hard to place the value on it but most of their clutches go from 200-450. So lets call it $100 to be fair. 

The lave feels as nice as it smells. Again its great for travel because i also can double as a shampoo. Cruelty free and no chemicals! 

I love love the bracelet stack! Turquoise paired with gold is always something I'm drawn to. Sisco Burluti made this set exclusively for the box. Similar stacks on their site retail for about 200. They have some weight to them and are very well made. 

Last up is the Salt Water Taffy from Salty Road. One word : Yum! 

Values Calculated before shipping and to the best of my knowledge. 

Bracelet Stack- ~$200
Eyeliner- $24
Clutch- ~$100 
Towel- $75
Face Mist- $45
Taffy- $6.50 

A grand total of $475.50 for $100 :D

I am quite pleased with this box! They really put a great deal of thought into it and I was not disappointed! 

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  1. Sounds very nice! That towel sounds like it has more going for it than some people i know LOL