Thursday, November 20, 2014

Yume Nail Lacquers

Hey Gals!!!

*Cue Music*

Fighting evil by moonlight
Winning love by daylight
Never running from a real fight!
She is the one named Sailor Moon!
She will never turn her back on a friend
She is always there to defend
She is the one on whom we depend
She is the one named Sailor....
Sailor Venus!
Sailor Mercury!
Sailor Mars!
Sailor Jupiter!
With secret powers
All so new to her
She is the one named Sailor Moon

*Music fades out*

Ahem, Sorry I got super excited when Amanda, owner of Yume Lacquers, asked if I would review her polish. I got even more excited when I found out the three bottle she sent me were inspired by Sailor Moon!

Golden Goddess is a tasty Orange creme with a generous amount of gold micro glitter. Inspired by Sailor Venus this lacquer does not disappoint! Nice formula and goes on smoothly. 

Icy Rhapsody is an in your face blue foil polish. It is inspired by Sailor Mercury. This polish is gorgeous as well. 

Silent Ruin is inspired by Sailor Saturn. It is a deep purple shade with purple micro glitter. I really liked this one because even though I own a ton of purples, this one has a depth that blew me away. 

All of these shades are available in her shop for $10.00 USD plus shipping. She also has some new glitter toppers that I am eager to try !
You can find Yume polish on:

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