Friday, January 23, 2015

Hyperbiotics PRO-15 and Hyperbiotics Immune Review

Hey Gals! 

 So I know this is primarily a nail blog, but if you will allow me to get on my soapbox real quick about your immunity health. 80% of your body's defence against illness is in your intestinal tract. A healthy intestinal tract has about 3 pounds of beneficial bacteria. The best way to help your body fight bad bacteria? Fermented foods, does that sound appealing? Hahaha I didn't think so. But you can take probiotics that have colonizing bacterias. 

There are a ton of probiotics on the market. To find a good one look for one that has high (in the billions) CFU. CFU means Colony forming unit. Also look for one that has many different strains of bacteria. The variety is important because some bad bacteria will target certain good bacteria. Probiotics can upset your tummy at first, so take them with food and be sure to look for ones with time release, they are more gentle overall. OKay onto the review! Brandbacker sent me these two formulas to review. Both tabs are GMO free. Both are about 3/4 inch long and only one per day is needed.

I've switched between these two for the past month and I really like them both. The Immune formula has the extras in it to help when I'm feeling under the weather, and the Pro-15 ensures I keep my gut flora in optimal condition. I hope this has helped you see how important probiotics are, especially in a world where bacteria is growing more and more immune to antibiotics ! 

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