Thursday, December 19, 2013

December 2013 Ipsy Bag!

Hey Gals!

Last month Ipsy blew us all away! I was worried they might be a little less wow this month :/

Yet over all I think they made a good bag :)

This months theme is:

Okay we will get this over with 

" omg I can't believe they sent lashes i hate these things! *

lol ok thats over with. Me and Lashes are not friends and will never be. However I did gift these to my sissy for her birthday. We shall see what she thinks at a later date !

Second Item is:

A Nyx shimmer/ nude lipstick. This is super creamy and for me I think makes a great nude lip with just a hint of shine. I saw on a comment that this also would work well as a highlighter. 

Third is an eyeshadow trio from Pop Beauty in Naturally Bare. I also gifted this to my sissy. The browns here are lovely! However I recently just cleared out my ba-jillion little pallets for the huge e.l.f. geometric pallet. 

Fourth is the darling Taupe from Nicka K New York. I love this! I am waiting to use it because I am testing out Juleps Oxygen treatment but you can look up the swatches if you want :) it reminds me of chocolate milk! Creamy and wonderful. I am not typically a fan of neutrals but this is just too pretty!

The last item is the be a bombshell The One Stick in Girl Crush. I did attempt to get some swatches of this but it bended far to well with my hand. However using it over foundation it does make for a very nice blush. The product page says it is recommended for use on the eyelids, lips or cheeks. Haven't tried eye or lips but this is a nice pale pink with a touch of shimmer. 

And lets not forget about the little black bag it all came in! I love the texture on it! 

Overall I'm happy with this month! The only 'miss' was the eye lashes and the rest of the products were hits :D

What did you get in your Ipsy bag? Share in the comments I'd love to see!

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