Friday, August 15, 2014

Super Easy Rainbow Mani Tutorial

Hey Gals! 

I recently picked up the Rave collection from Gothic Gala Lacquers and I have just absolutely fallen in love with it! So pretty! Bright and Shimmery! 

I'll be swatching the collection soon. But for now the rainbow mani!

This nail art is super easy and requires no tools!

Pick your 4 colors. They should be jelly like but they don't have to be. 

I picked (L-R) Orange Crush, Face Melter, S-extacy, and Hot Pants

After my base coat I opted to use a coat of Juleps Soraphine. I feel this helps blur the natural nail line.

Step One:
Paint a strip of one color to the far right of your nail. 

Step Two:
Paint your next color slightly overlapping the first. You can see the blue and yellow blended to make green. If you don't want blending use a thinner brush and don't overlap. 

Step Three:

Step four: 
Finish up with your fourth color and clean up the cuticle line 

And thats it your done!
I did decide i needed to water marble a bit 
 Looks at that shimmery swirly goodness! ooooohhh my!

And yes these DO glow in the dark! I was unable to capture it in a photo but as soon as I learn how to I will post :D 

I hope you enjoy this easy peasy tutorial and I'd love to see your recreations! 

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