Friday, August 23, 2013

FLOWER Beauty by Drew

Hey Gals!

I was lucky enough to win a prize pack from FLOWER Beauty! I adore Drew Barrymore ! I think she's so adorable and I love that she has her own line. Ive not seen it in stores anywhere but someone mentioned it is at Walmart.

I really like that nothing really has a scent. I am very sensitive to smell and all of these cosmetics don't  stink :D

 I know the pictures are a bit dark but it was a horrible storm outside and the flash made it ten times worse!
From Left to right we have :
Nail'd it lacquer in April Showers

Its a very deep blue. I am currently doing the three day hydration challenge by pure nail oil so I cant wear any polish. I will be swatching this once the challenge is over, and blogging about how the oil worked for me :D

Kiss Sticks High Shine in Tulips
I love the little window on the bottom! I can't tell you how frustrating it is to have 3-4 lipstains in the same packaging and have to open them to check if thats the one you want. I love love this packaging! I love the pigment and the feel of this lipstick!
Color Play Creme Eyeshadow in Time Willow Tell
Again great pigmentation and this blends out really well! So this could be a solid eye color or just applied lightly to add a little shimmer.
Raise Some 'Brows in Blonde

Nice brow pencil to fill in any spots that need it, or to add a little more definition as needed.
Not too soft but not to hard just right!
Extreme Measures Lengthening mascara in Black Brown (LM3)
I havent tried this yet mostly because Ipsy just sent me a pixie mascara that i LOVE LOVE LOVE! So I will try this when i run out of pixie :p

Left to right - Brow pencil, Color play eyeshadow,  kiss stick

I love this bracelet too!! I got it on TopHatter and I have been wearing it non stop! Its hard to link anything from there because its an auction site and constantly changes. However this is the sellers ETSY store. She has a Custom order button so I'm sure you could contact her if you wanted to :D

Have you tried FLOWER yet? Let me know what you think of it!

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