Saturday, February 1, 2014

My Skin Care Routine Blog Hop

Hey Gals! This is my first blog hop! I think this is a GREAT idea! More and more I am loving the support and sisterhood of the blogging community! Make sure to check out all the other awesome blogs that participated at the end of this post!

I think there are 3 guidelines every woman should follow
1.) There is no miracle perfect routine or product that works for everyone

2.) Give a new routine/ product 3 weeks before you give up on it. You are like a flower and it takes time to see results. (unless it is causing pain/ swelling or rash)

3.) Your skin will change. What worked for me at 15 didn't work at 20 and changed again at 30.

Okay! So first and foremost know your skin problems! For me I have acne and it is caused by hormones. Its important to know the cause behind any skin problems. So talk to a dermatologist and find out causes before you seek a care routine!

I have a couple of things I do and some of them will sound straight WIERD!

Once every 6-8 months I hit up Proactiv.
Why? its like a deep clean for my face. Yet it is too harsh to use daily for my skin.

Once every 3-4 weeks- Pure Coconut oil
Why? Its anti fungal , anti bacterial, and very hydrating. Yes it feels gross and odd but once it soaks in my skin glows ( and not in a greasy way either) Again for daily use this was TOO hydrating and made me oily

Once a week- Kaolin Clay Mask by Michael Todd.
Why? Because its magic! I'll get into why I love this line so much in a min!

AM - Cleanser/ Toner. I rotate between freeman's beauty pear cleanser and the Michael Todd' scrubby and non scrubby cleanser. I use my proactive rotating face brush with it.

PM Cleanser/ Toner/ Anti aging serum- same cleanser as above and I am sampling different anti aging serums until i find one I like best.

Okay why do I rotate between the three cleansers? The scrub has micro-beads so i use it 2-3 times per week to help exfoliate.

 The MT cleanser I use half the time (sorry this looks kinda gross. It has charcoal in it, i should of wiped off the bottle lol) :

 The other half I reach for the pear. The Freemans' pear has salicylic acid in it and is great for smoothing and purifying. But its horrible if you have any inflamed breakouts.

A note about face brushes : These are breeding grounds for bacteria so be careful! let it air dry completely between uses ( make sure the bristles are pointing down like so)

Also make sure you replace it every three months! I know that might seem like a lot but even with proper storage and cleaning buildup will happen over time.

And since we're in my bathroom I'll show you my pretty makeup organizer :D

Okay! Now Why do i LOOOOOOOVE Michael Todd??
They're organic and I do try to minimize the amount of chemicals i slather on my skin!
They do not use water as a base.

WHAT?! Thats right! They use things like Aloe which is very soothing to inflamed skin. As a result most of these products are thicker and sometimes a little harder to get out of the packaging. However all the lids screw off easily so you can still get the stuff out towards the end.

As for pricing the 70 dollar price tag might seem shocking. However The bottles are big and truly last 3-4 months depending on how much you use. $70/3 months makes it just under $24 dollars a month. Thats really cheap compared to the quality of what you are getting. They do have try me kits, but i feel like those are way over priced.

I chose the Acne/ oily skin Regimen here. You can see all the ingredients/ reviews. I purchased this in September and I am just now hitting the bottom of the cleanser/ scrub/toner and serum. I still have about a third of the clay mask left. I will be reordering the line soon! But I am considering trying the anti aging regimen.

I also got an email this morning saying they are selling the acne and acne sensitive sets for $45! I don't know what limited time is for them ( the same limited time $70 offer has been up since I bought my first set in August) :

One last thing! I am loving dry oils this winter! Again I rotate between Juleps and Freemans
They both soak in super fast and smell great! Juleps packaging is a fail but Freeman's has the BEST mister I've ever seen on a dry oil!
********These are for the body not the face FYI :p********

I hope this was helpful and I had a lot of fun organizing this post! Don't forget to check out all my blog buddies skin care Routines:

And Feel free to post your links below to your skin care routines as well as comments or questions! Thanks for Reading!


  1. Thanks for the good tips! I'll have to dry propping my Clarisonic up like that so it can dry properly.

  2. I got one sample of the Michael Todd charcoal mask and I loved it....people rave about his products! :) Great post and tips

  3. I've never tried Michael Todd before, but the fact that you say it's sooo amazing and that it's super healthy for your skin leaves me intrigued! I really want to try that charcoal mask! I wonder how it compares to Glam Glow; have you ever tried that mask before?

  4. Really great post!! I've only tried the MT charcoal scrub and the a few of the masks. I like them, but my husband loves them more :)

  5. Great post! I did get a Michael Todd sample so now I might have to check it out again after reading this post.