Saturday, February 22, 2014

Royal Lacquer's Valentines Box

Hey Gals!

You may remember a few month back I was sent some polishes and Vynails to try out from Royal Lacquers formerly Soaps n Suds!

I've been eyeing some of her polishes and when I saw a Valentines you pick it box I jumped right in!

The deal was you pick 5 polishes and 2 Vynails for $25 I had a hard time picking only 5. I almost went for the bigger box! But then I made myself look at the polishes I still need to post about :p

I also am debuting my light-box in this post so please do offer any constructive feedback on the photos!

Shipping was Super Fast!  It arrived in a cute sparkly blue wrapped box!
Each polish was individually wrapped in bubble wrap.

 From Left to Right : Triton, Mermaid Love, Your Grapeness, Crelly Bean, and Blue confusion.

I wanted to swatch all of these for you but honestly this one right here, Blue confusion is just too mesmerizing! Its blue but its purple but its jelly but its multidimensional but its...  Well its BEAST to capture in a still photo. 

Heres a mini video on IG. 

I have not seen anything like this out there before!! I think it might be bewitched with some strong magic because I have told myself that Im going to take it off to swatch the rest now, but somehow I talk myself into another day!

If you haven't yet go check out these polishes!!!

Royal Lacquers on FB

Royal Lacquer on Etsy

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