Thursday, January 9, 2014

No buy/ Low Buy 2014

Hey Gals!

So It has come to my attention that my polish collection has reached just over 100 bottles.

I inventoried it all here if you are curious!!

Now 100 isn't really huge by any means. However half of my Juleps haven't even been used once ( i find myself reaching for the same ones over and over)... I haven't used any of the miss candy collection ( That i scored for a whopping 16 dollars shipped for the entire collection brand new *squeeee*)

Point is I am lusting over upcoming launches when I haven't even tried out what I previously lusted after!

To top that I also just got 30 solid gel/shellac polishes and 12 glitter shellacs!

I canceled my IPSY because I have an organizer full of unused/untried makeup and my family hooked me up with Ulta for Christmas.

So i am putting myself on a no buy with exceptions!

No buy Polish

No Buy make up unless to replace empties that are used daily. ( ie cleanser, concealer)


Exception one:
Enchanted Polish restocks. (I only have one and this particular brand is hard to get at a fair price after restock) limit 2 colors per restock. Also I commit to only buying colors that wow me. 

Exception Two:
I will take one more Julep box and spend out all my points(jules) then I will cancel it. Julep is what got me into polishes and I love Julep! But with half of them untried I can't continue to take boxes with repeat/ similar colors.  Okay this one get to change a little bit. Julep announced that new subs will have to 'earn' a skip. Since I am "grandmothered" in I will stay subbed but I will mostly be skipping.

Exception Three:
I can swap/trade existing polishes for polishes on my ISO here

Exception Four:
I can spend the $25 plus shipping for the Valentines Swap group I am part of :D

Exception Five:
Previous blogger Commitments- I promised to do reviews for makers in Jan/Feb. Some of them ask for shipping and other offer  discounts. I will follow through on those (and try not to let my Lust get the better of me while shopping :p)

This will last until April. Then I will re-evaluate the plan :D

What about you lovely ladies? Are you culling the herd of polishes/ makeup/ sub boxes??

Have you inventoried your pretties yet? Id love to see! Drop a comment in the box below :D

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