Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Royal Lacquer's Wreck it Red and Vynails!

Hey Gals!

I do hope your first day of the new year has been promising! I was hoping for a tad bit of sun but no luck today. Bare with me as the pics I took are indoors and a tad over- flashy !

These were sent to me free of charge to try out and share with you. The opinions are 100% honest and my own :D

I have 5 Colors in total to show you over the next few posts. I'm not promising when I will finish up because I am LOVING Wreck it Red too much and never want to take it off!!!

I was originally going to just swatch them but after the first swatch I decided to wear it ! On to the pictures!!

Wreck- It Red is a delicious candy apple red with purple and dark blue glitter! 

 These shots are taken by a gloomy window with flash.

Even with the gloomy weather this polish is gorgeous!  I used Simply smooth base and top coat and two coats of the Lacquer. 

This lacquer is thick and I could have easily gotten away with one coat, but i love the dimension that two coats gives.

On my accent nail you can see the heart Vynail! These things are awesome!! Not only are they super thin and sticky decals, the outer part can also be used as stencils!

 I like how these are strong. I have ripped decals in the past but these are more durable than the ones Ive tried from other stores ( not naming any names :p ) 

These vynails lay flat on the nail and are completely smooth after one round of topcoat. Thats important to me because i have a bad habit of picking at anything that doesn't lay flat!

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  1. Very pretty! Don't you just love the Vynails?! They are my favorite!

  2. Thanks Shel! And yes i adore them!