Thursday, May 15, 2014

Jamberry Vinyl Nail Wraps

Hey Gals!

I've been meaning to post about Jamberrys for awhile now, but recently Shea, a consultant, sent me some wraps to review so now I have a reason to get it done!  You can find her site here

Okay so Whats a Jamberry?

Its a printed piece of high gloss Vinyl with an adhesive backing.

How long do they last?

This depends on so many things! How well you apply them, how rough you are on your hands and nails, and so on. The website lists up to two weeks. I get about 5-7 days for my nails. My toes two weeks ( it could go longer but the gap from growth bothers me ! )

I do want to note that Jamberry has changed to a thinner longer lasting Vinyl this past year. So if you tried them before you might want to give another go. Ive tried both versions and the newer ones do curve and last better/ longer and stronger over all.

How much do they cost?
Jams are $15 per sheet plus shipping. That gets you 2-3 manis and a pedi per sheet.

I did make a video but it kept going in and out of focus. I also realized that it might be better for you to see other methods before trying on your own.

Okay lets begin!

You will need:

  • Jamberry Wraps
  • Buffer
  • Orangestick or tweezers
  • Nail scissors
  • nail file
  • Rubber tipped cuticle pusher
  • Alcohol wipe or cotton ball with alcohol
  • Source of heat. Either a heater/ hairdryer/ rice bag

These wraps are typically worn on a natural nail but i have worn them on polish and gel and acrylic with no issues. 

These are not just stickers you can slap on and go. So when you are ready to apply expect 10-15 min to do a good job. If this is your first rodeo expect to take 20 minutes. I highly recommend for your first "jam" session you do one nail as an accent and paint the rest. This is known as the Jamberry challenge! 
After you have everything together:
  • Wash your hands well with a non moisturizing soap like dawn.
  • Dry well 
  • push back cuticles. A cuticle remover is a great idea! 
  • rub dry clean nail with alcohol. 
  • some recommend a light spritz of hair spray. 
  • allow to dry a few seconds. 

The clear plastic backing helps you to pick what size is best for you. Its better to be too small than to big. You don't want any of it to touch your skin or cuticles or it will come off ( like when applying gel polish)

I like to cut them in half and pick them up with the orange stick. You can use tweezers or your finger. You want to avoid touching anything that you want to stick to your nail. 

Now look at the tops of your nails. If they have a strong C curve like this then I recommend the apply cold/ rice-bag method.

If they have a less prominent curve like this I recommend the heat before applying method.

(Special thanks to Lisa, Julie, Randi, and Raleigh for posing :D)

Cold apply:

Hot apply:

Hot apply: 

Cold apply:

This is a half sheet of Jams and this is how much I had left after one application. 

The scraps are great for french tips :

Here's my wraps from day 1-5. In all honesty I could have reheated them and resealed them but I change my nails so frequently! 

Day One
Day Two
Day Three
Day Four
Day Five

Have you tried Jamberry? Feel free to post your pics/ links. I appreciate all my comments and would love to see!

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