Monday, May 19, 2014

Influenster Go! Voxbox

Hey Gals!

Influenster recently sent me a big ole' box full of fun goodies all centered around Weight loss! This was free for me to test! All opinions are my own. 

Sometimes I wish Influenster would make a sub box because I really think they would rock it. 

Okay on to the goodies!!! Heres a quick little unboxing vid: 

From the Vitamin Shoppe is a cool Jaxx protein shaker cup:
  This jack shaped piece ensures the powder is mixed well. I like this just as much as my blender ball shaker! 
 I noticed this cup breaks down clumps better than the blender ball cup. But this one doesn't make the shake as frothy. 

OMG! This thing! I have always been a pumice stone type gal. But as you know stones are hard and can be scratchy. This however is like a stone but has a bit more flexibility. It is squishy like a tire. It also sets really nice in your hand. 

 Also from the Vitamin Shoppe is three packets of the Next Step Shake in Fresh Berries, Swiss Chocolate and Vanilla. I had the Berry mid- morning. I liked the taste. I mixed it with water and it kept me full feeling for about 3 and half hours. No nasty aftertaste ! I am strongly considering buying these. We will see how the other two fare! 

 This shake is intended to be a meal replacement. Honestly I'm not a big fan of replacing meals with a liquid. Sure a shake is better than skipping lunch. At least try to eat some greens or use this as a inbetween pick me up ! 
 Lenolic acid is a Omega-6 and it a part of aiding your metabolism to prevent excess fat being deposited to your hips, or bum, or wherever your body likes to store up :D 
 I appreciate that this shake makes no insane claims and states it is to be used WITH diet and exercise. 

 Also from ProFoot is a foam cushion. I haven't used this yet but they do feel nice and squishy and I can't wait to see how they feel!
 Playtex Sport tampons. This is the only thing in the box I'm not into. Once you try a menstrual cup you will never got back to pads or tampons. Also scents are not good for your lady parts. So these will be donated. ( I do realize I am in the minority here.) 

 Oh these things are delicious! om nom nom they did not last long! Nuts are a perfect Go! snack. 
 Nice little post card with a coupon for the Vitamin Shoppe. 

 A free Muller Yogurt. These are yummy to. I'm glad i get one free :D
 Aqua Spa Lavender and Chamomile bath soak. After spending all day Saturday walking around the zoo this felt heavenly in a foot tub with my ProFoot pedi file. 
so pretty!
I just put a tiny splash in the foot bath and its already foamy! 

 If you want to be a part of Influenster leave a message below or email me @ kmw1021 at gmail dot com. 

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