Sunday, May 25, 2014

Distressed Rainbow Mani

Hey gals! 

I wanted to do something colorful and a little messy. I'd say I succeeded! 

I started off with base coat and then two coats of My Fair Lily from Aurora Lacquers. Its a pale pink/ white polish. 

Once that was fully dried I went over the skin around my nails with Vapid Lacquers Cuticle balm. If you are working with sponges/ stamping/ water-marbling I highly recommend using some type of barrier. Tape, cuticle balm. lotion, Elmer's glue, whatever. It makes clean up so much easier and isn't as harsh on your skin. 

Next pick your colors and line 'em up! I used Juleps and a sally hansen. I Cant believe I don't have any Julep reds! I need to fix that! 

Uncap everything so that you can work quickly.  Excuse my messy table :p This is the "art table" it is well loved and the one table that is allowed to be messy. Its covered in polish, acrylics, crayon, paint, you name it! 

Paint your sponge! In the future I will cut my sponge in half. This was way too huge. Part of the magic of using the sponge is the colors will mingle a bit. So do not expect perfect lines. We're going for artsy and fun here! 
Stamp, cleanup and slap a top coat on! I used a Funky Cheetah Jamberry from my buddy :D

Have you tried nail art with a makeup sponge? I'd love to see it! 

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