Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Sina Tina Lina Gina Uv Gel Nails full kit from Ebay December 2013 and Happy New Years!!

Hey gals!!! 

I haven't logged in since Christmas eve and WOW! 200 views in just these few days!!! Im so honored! Thank you so much for tuning in!!! I have a giveaway coming in January. If you want to be a part please message me or leave a comment below :D

Okay on to the first order of business! The Sina/Tina/Lina/Gina uv gel nail kit!! I've gotten pretty decent with doing my own acrylic nails but the smell is terrible! The fumes linger and I just dread that part of it. My Darling Husband said I could order a gel system and that would be my Christmas present *SQUEEEE*

I was delighted!!! After lots of searching, reading forums, and seeing what local nail salons used I decided on Sina. Now the reason I address it as 4 different things is because the packaging makes it hard to tell what the first letter is. I got my kit off of eBay for just under $50. This is a steal because the last time I got full gel nails (not the gel overlay) was $60 plus a tip to the nail tech.
As always when you get something like this off of eBay it is hard to tell if it is genuine or not. I contacted Sina and based on the pictures i sent them it looks real to them. 

Heres the screenshot of the listing:
This is ModernBeauty00's photo not mine, but she did such a great job of setting it up I had to share it !

The kit was WELL packaged! I did a quick unboxing of it here if you want to check it out:

I had to edit out a lot of the unpacking just because there was so much tape and bubble wrap! I love when sellers take the extra time to make sure I get everything in tact! Its such a bummer to wait on a package only to get it and hear the tell tale of broken rattling when you pick it up!

This was listed as a pro kit so it did not contain any instructions. But it did contain:

1 x UV Lamp 9W
1 x 30 color pure UV GEL
1 X top coat
1 x UV gel (white) 1/2 OZ
1 x UV gel (pink) 1/2 OZ
1 x UV gel (clear) 1/2 OZ
1 x cleanser plus
5 x Sable acrylic brush
1 x Glass Cup
1 x Side Clipper
1 x nail glue
1 x OPI Cuticle revitalizer oil
1 x pink Sanding File
1 x 12 colors of rhinestones
1 x 12 colors of pearl
1 x Nail art clipper
2 x nail separator

Here's another photo from ModernBeauty00:
This is all the colors in the kit with the numbers ( This is also so I can look on here instead of randomly opening tubs hahahahah)

And because I am such a nut for glitter I had to grab this too :
Sorry for the flash but the sun wont come out and play today... 
Anyhow this was $14 on ebay and is 12 glitter uv gels. Im kind of confused that these are in clear tubs. Wont they cure if exposed to light? Comment if you know the answer!! For now I have them double wrapped in a manilla envelope. 

After watching a ton of youTube videos on UV gels I was pretty confident. The only part I struggled on was how long to cure the gels, every video said something different and most videos showed a 36 watt lamp while mine is a 9 watt. I did see that many people experienced burning with the higher watts, so i am glad to report there was no burning or discomfort at all :D

 I did 3 medium coats and cured each layer for 4 minutes. I used red tips and I think the outcome was great!! Next time I will try 4 thin coats and I will be sure to pick up some lint free pads (mine shredded so bad! I typically have no problem when using them to remove polish but for wiping gels I think you really need super thin, lint free pads!)

I didn't make a video of the process, but i do plan on making one in the future once i get the technique down. Im a firm believer that gel and acrylic nails are an art and I aim to master said art :D

Have you tried any uv gel nail kits? What did you think? 

Lastly I leave you with this:


  1. How long did your nails last for ? until the gel wore or grew out ?

    1. I have had them apart two weeks. I filled them in a few days ago :) so far only one broke but it was because I mashed it into the counter on accident

  2. You know coffee filters are great lint free wipes :) And wow, what a great set, I'll definitely have to check it out. TFS!

    1. That is amazing! What a great was to save some cash, thanks!

  3. Coffee Filters? Thats awesome! I have a whole pack that I was wondering what to do with since I got a keurig! Thanks for letting me know! I've had this set about 6 months now. I still love it. There are a few colors that didn't cure properly but I did not stir them.I didn't think gel needed to be stirred.

    1. I just ordered this same kit with a 36w lamp. Do you use any primer/bonder first and gel topcoat after or just the 4 thin layers? It's very promising to see you've had your set on for 6 months as I know this is a very inexpensive product. Do you have any fill lines? Thanks for this blog!

    2. Hey Ashley! I use gelish PH on my nail (I'm pretty sure its just overpriced alcohol :p). I also use the gel topcoat after I'm done :D I buff really well and then fill in so I didn't have any fill lines visible. I am having problems with the jelly purple(#18) curing, and the white is starting to separate. Other than that everything is still great. I hope you have fun with the set!

  4. Hi..! This is my first time with gel nails well more likely doing it my self ☺️ . I want to know if a top coat can be use as a primer too? Cause my kit only comes with the gel and the top coat so just want to know if I need to go and buy a primer and the nail dehydrator ?

  5. Hey Yaku! You will need something to dehydrate the nails. You can use cheap rubbing alcohol or nail dehydrator (http://www.sallybeauty.com/gelish-ph-bond/SBS-724730,default,pd.html#q=gelish+ph&start=2). Usually if you have really oily nails the dehydrator is better. If you have dry hands then the alcohol is fine. The top coat will not make for a good primer. I have seen people do that and it wont work as well. Are you sure your kit doesn't come with gel builder? Builder is typically white, clear or pink and comes in bigger jars than the gel color. Here's and example (http://www.sallybeauty.com/clear-builder-gel/SBS-527334,default,pd.html) I hope this helps :) Id love to see how they turn out !!