Thursday, November 21, 2013

Ipsy MyGlam November 2013

Hey Gals! 

This month IPSY really outdid themselves! 

We shall start with the bag!
I hear many blogers complain about the Ipsy logo being on the outside of the bag. For me it doesn't matter. I like Ipsy and i don't mind the logo.  But this month the logo is inside this lovely golden bag that is lined with pink fabric. I am glad they added on a little wrist loop so I can use this as a mini purse!

First up:
Now I have received nailtini before and i liked it but i didn't know they were all about layering color to make a diffrent look! In the link above you can go to their site and mix up a nail 'cocktail' Now I want to go get more nailtini!! Especially the blue flame top coat!
This is full size and retails for 13.00 USD

Second we have:
Michelle Phan's Em Cosmetics Lash Gallery Lengthening Mascara. Michelle started as a youTuber who made tutorials on how to get department store looks with drugstore products. She then later on started MyGlam bags, which then became Ipsy. She wanted a way to let people try various makeup and nail products for a lesser price. Ipsy has been wildly successful and Michelle has recently launched her new makeup line called EM. She still makes videos for her products and I am so glad to own more EM. I love the eyeliners and lipsticks ( i had to get them at launch). Between Ipsy and sephora shopping I have 6 tubes of unopened deluxe mascara samples. So this mascara will probably be a swap or a gift.
This is full size and retails for $20.00 US Dollars.

Third is:
Glam Glow YouthMud and it must be made out of pure magic at 279 a tube! Things like this is why i ADORE Ipsy! I can try this and see if its worth the price tag for me. I haven't tried this yet because I just started doing a new face mask and I want to see how it works before I throw something new in the mix. This site also has a $12 try before you buy set so you can check it out too if you aren't an Ipsy subscriber. 
This is a deluxe size sample and is worth about $20.00 USD

 Fourth there is:

I love Pixie products so I'm glad to see this in my bag. However I don't use bronzer. I use concealer and foundation and a blush that is in the brown/bronze family. Im not sure if this will be a keep or a gift. Im torn! Both my sisters do the bronzer thing so that may just go to one of their christmas piles. 
This is a deluxe size sample and is worth about $5.50 USD

Fifth is :
The name is correct! This is a nice bold red without being clownish! I love the texture and the staying power of this brand and i will certainly be picking up a few more!
This is full size and retails for $14.00 USD


This is a beautiful shade of lilac! Its just enough shimmer to add a pop to your eye without looking too glittery! I love that Ipsy listened when we said ' no more black eyeliner' hahah I don't know about you but I have tons of black eyeliner! Im so glad to now have a purple! 
This is full size and retails for $14.00 USD

Needless to say this is my favorite Ipsy bag to date! for a measly $10 Dollars I received over $75 dollars worth of makeup and polish. 

If you haven't jumped on the Ipsy train yet, heres my referral :D

If you have jumped on the train then please let me know what you think of this months bag!!

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