Thursday, November 21, 2013

Turkey Mani and Amazon Rhinestones!

Hey gals! Just a quick post! My Rhinestones came in this morning! I ordered them October 20 So they did take a whole month and one day to get here. I can't complain  I got two of them for $2.40. I really like the little wheel they come in! Most studs/ rhinestones I've ordered in the past come in baggies. While baggies are easy to store, they are difficult to use! but the wheel is small and will store nicely and is easy to use with tweezers or a wax pencil. 

 Also I wanted to show off my turkey mani! I used the baggie method. Incase you haven't heard of it you can check it out here :
Im new to free hand and this video shows you how to make your own 'stickers'. You can even make manis ahead of time if you want to!
 Who else made turkey manis?! I'd love to see them!!

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