Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunset Mani Tutorial

Hey Gals!

So one of the most beautiful things is the sun set in summer (especially on the beach!)

When I got Mai Tai from nailtini in my ipsy bag, sunset was the first thing that came to mind. 

Here is what you need for your mani:

From Left to right: Top Coat, Lexie, Mai Tai, Base Coat
You will also need a sponge and something to mix polish with ( q tip, orange stick ect), and a surface to mix on ( I used my ipsy card)

First step: Base Coat

l've only recently started using base coat. I typically don't have any stains except for green polishes. But I learned that base coat isn't just for stain prevention! It helps to make your mani smoother, shinier and also helps the lacquer to last longer! So don't skimp on the base coat ladies :D

Second step: One coat of Mai Tai

This polish is great! just one coat had excellent coverage and I just cant get over how pretty this color is!

Third step:  mixing!

I took two drops of each color and mixed them well. you can do more or less depending on how quickly you can work. Polish dries in about 2-4 minutes after you take it out I had to repeat this for the second hand because i ran out of color, so this amount worked well for me.

Fourth step : dabbing

Dip your sponge and dab the mixed color starting about the middle of the nail length, move up to the top of your nails. You can do this as thick or as thin as you want. 

Fifth step:  tips

Dab the tips with the yellow color using the brush or the sponge. Try to only do the tips so you don't cover the pretty mix completely. Allow to dry.

Last step! Apply top coat and clean up cuticles :))

I hope you enjoy it! 

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