Monday, July 22, 2013

Opi Navy Shatter

Hey gals!

So just a few days ago NewVo Beauty had a flash sale of Opi Navy Shatter for 99 cents including shipping! I don't know how they do it but I do hope they stick around. They have good deals on products over all and these flash sales make it even nicer!
I found it odd that Opi made the text on this bottle black. Its impossible to read! 

I couldn't decide what base color I wanted, so I ended up painting strips of different colors underneath the crackle: 
I love this art deco set. All the brushes are super thin. I also adore this shimmery orange shade by opi called Die another day. 

Dont forget your base coat! Then just stripe some colors that you like onto your base coat. after it dries i recommend top coating the stripes. You don't have to I just like a smoother mani. Its very important you make sure the polish is 100% dry!  If you use the shatter on top of almost dry polish it makes a hot mess!

After the crackle dries completely then apply top coat. 

annnd viola!:

I can't decide what color turned out the best! Any of these colors would have made a great base color. And I think the different stripes add even more depth to the mani!
Until next time!


  1. When you put the shatter polish on did you just put a single layer? The way it broke up looks really cool.

  2. Hey Kellie! Yes just one medium coat. Thanks!