Monday, September 16, 2013

Cherry Blossoms Mani

Hey Gals!

So i came across this wallpaper and I thought ooh! lets make a cherry blossom mani!

 If you are new to dotting and free handing like I am it may help if you used acrylic paint for some of your nail art. Theres a few reasons for this:
1.) its cheaper. This whole bottle cost 97 cents for 2 whole ounces. Julep costs 15 bucks for .27 mL
2.) it takes longer to dry. This is helpful because nail polish dries faster and makes a stringy like thing and thats no good unless your going for the sugar spun look :p
3.) You can wash it off with water and try again if you weren't happy with how it looks. this is much easier then trying to remove polish with acetone then having to reapply the base coat and color and then give the design another go.

Okay on to the tutorial!
You will need a top and a base coat, a color for the flowers, a base color and a color for the branches.

I used white acrylic for the flowers.
Julep's Zelda for the branches.
Julep's Char for the base color.

As for tools, use what you have and what you feel comfortable with. CutePolish made a great video for this here :

I tried both the dotter and the paintbrush and i felt i did a better job with the dotter. Don't be afraid to practice on cardboard or notebook paper. It is a really simple design but it takes time to master the placement and the thickness of the dots :D

Paint your nail with base coat and after that dries apply your base color.

Next use a small paintbrush to make your branches.

At this point I used a top coat and let it dry so that I could use acrylic for my flowers. This way if i messed up I wouldn't have to start over.

I decided to fill in the center with pink !I wasnt planning on doing it but I think it needed it. 

I also found this in my nail stuff. A sample of Juleps hand creme that I hadn't tried yet

After trying it now I want a bottle of it! It was super gross and greasy for about 10 minutes. But once it soaked in. So this is definitely not a everyday use kind of thing. I have medium eczema and this did stay on and kept my skin nice feeling ALL day! even through washing my hands!

I hope you like it! comment me your pics if you did this I'd love to see!


  1. It looks beautiful! I love the colors you used!

  2. Thank you! I wanted to deviate from the normal and make this more fall like :D