Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Julep Boho Glam September 2013

Hey Gals!

Last month I skipped Julep for the first time EVER because i just wasn't that impressed with the colors, and in my humble opinion i didn't find a garden theme good for the end of summer. I would have loved to have seen something like that for spring.....


This month the overall collection is gorgeous! The theme of the collection is Cityscape it is all about bright lights and bold dreams. This collection has two amazing micro glitters and some really nice bold cremes. 
If you have the time to read it Kristy is inspired by an amazing woman who passed on in May. 

This month I got my usual:

They changed their polish packaging. Now there is a recyclable paper box as opposed to a shrink wrap plastic on top. I don't care about the packaging either way. Some are saying this will make it harder to know if your polish has been used or not. 

 I love these little cards with sayings. They go great in gift baskets or notes to friends and family. I also like to just keep them around. Seeing on on my desk makes me smile. 

This months "extra" was a polish remover pad. I'm somewhat underwhelmed by this considering in the past the extra has been artesian saltwater taffy, or rose bobby pins.  I think something like a tea light candle or a bold lip sample might have gone along better with the theme.

Tatiana:  This is an AMAZING orange micro-glitter. Micro-glitters are full coverage in two coats and when you put them on top of darker colors they have an amazing depth. 

One upside of the box packaging is that it gives information that would help a new customer.  Such as the polish is 4-Free and not animal tested :D

Kristy:  This is a night midnight creme color. These two pair together very well!

Here are a few shots with Kristy as a base and Tatiana as a top coat. There is only one coat of each!

Isn't it stunning?!

And last but not least we have a face cleansing oil. I just finished my 30 day Proactiv trial. I will be posting about that next. This product will be my next 30 day trial. I used it real quick to wash this morning and it smells and feels heavenly! However I was not wearing any make up so I can't attest to its cleansing abilities just yet! But look forward to a 30 day review next month!

Did you get Julep this month?
Link in the comments what you thought about the post or your box!!

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