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Proactiv 30 day Trial August 5 - Sept 5 2013

Hey Gals! 

I know most of my posts are full of pretty pictures but this one will be all text. I could have taken a ton of pics but I think when it comes to skin care the pictures don't really help. Good skin care routine helps your skin to look and feel good. Even still there will be times when hormones, diet , or outside pollutants get through. So lets get down to it! :D

*I was lucky in my teens. I had really good even skin tone and the occasional pimple. I just wore eye shadow and mascara most of high school.

*Somewhere around 25 my skin started to become a stranger to me. My typical my normal face wash started irritating my skin. My occasional pimple turned into groups of them in spots. Mostly around my nose and cheeks. My forehead and chin/jaw stayed clear. I carried my face cleaner around with me and washed my face 4-5 times a day to keep the oil under control but it just didn't seem to help. 

*When I hit 30 this year  again my face did a complete 180. I now struggle with dryness!
At that point I began to use oil cleansing. I bought some Pure Coconut Oil and in the morning rubbed it in for about 2 minutes then rinsed with warm water. 

*This helped tremendously and felt great! Then at night i put the oil on and let it stay on overnight.
 it did not get rid of the blackheads or the under the skin pimples that you can't see but you can feel. 

Coconut is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial so it will not clog your pores. Yet i felt i needed something to deep cleanse.


The business:

Proactiv has come a long way since it first came out. In my early teens a friend used it and she was very frustrated that she would be charged and auto shipped when she hand't even used the product she already had. But i can tell you that customer service was very kind to me. The trial price of $20 was refunded with no questions asked and their auto ship program is very customizable. You can spread out your shipments to your liking. You can also customize your kit to what you want. The standard subscription kit is steps 1, 2, and 3 in a 60-90 day amount depending on how often you use it.  You can add or remove any of the products in their line. 

The Trial:
Thirty days ago I received my proactive 30 day trial. I opted for the rotating face brush as my free gift, and they also included the blackhead dissolving gel and tea tree moisturizer.

The trial cost was $20 dollars and came with three steps 1. Cleanser (two ounces) 2. Toner ( two ounces) 3. Repair cream (one ounce).  I used all of the product in 30 days. So if you use it twice a day then your trial should only last two weeks. 

FaceBrush Vs. Washcloth vs. Hand:
There is no right answer to this. Which ever you pick does need to be sanitized and allowed to air dry before and after use. Also whichever you pick needs to be used gently. 

The Result:
In one sentence, Yes, but not daily!

The Reason:
*Proactiv absolutely clears blemishes, excelerates cell turn over and, removes blackheads. I only used proactiv steps 1-3 once per day and the black head remover twice per week. I used the additional moisturizer twice per day. My skin felt great during and after cleansing. 
*If any sun touched my skin it was VERY painful (even with 60 spf sunscreen on) There were times that my face felt like it had been severely burned. 
*On the third day i had to apply ice to my face to stop the burning sensation and this was at night without any sun exposure. This happened two other times during the 30 days. 
*The first two weeks the break outs were the worst of my life! I expected this because the cleaner was bringing all the deep clogs and dirt to the surface. Luckily I am a stay at home mom so I was able to go most of the first two weeks without make up or much sun exposure. 
*After the initial two weeks my skin did start to clear up but it remained very sensitive.

The Conclusion:
I did end up returning the system at the end of the trial. I feel like this is a great system to use once a **week** in conjunction with oil cleansing. 

Did you try Proactiv? What were your thoughts on the system? I'd love to hear it!

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