Monday, September 16, 2013

Nars Cosmetics Sample

Hey Gals!
Some of you may not know this about me but I LOVE Freebies! I have no problem shelling out cash for products that work for me. But I am a huge supporter of TRY before you BUY. There is nothing more heartbreaking than laying down 30 bucks on a eyeshadow pallet that everyone loves, but once you put it on you it looks dreadful!

Anyhow I do sign up for lots of freebies and I follow Budget Savvy Diva. She's so adorable and on top of the real vs fake freebies on the web. She also posts super cute recipes and DIY crafts. So do stop by her page, you won't regret it!

As I was walking out to my mailbox I found this!

 On wednesday of last week I signed up with NARS Cosmetics to try their new Radiant Creme Compact Foundation. Ive heard good things about this company. I just have not had the chance to try them. I signed up for the shade Gobi. 

It is so hard to judge shades on a screen. I have an iMac and it has amazing quality of a screen. But still with foundation so many things can alter the appearance of a shade. like screen brightness, the brightness of my house, even the angle I look at the screen. 

NARS not only sent me Gobi, but the shade before and after it!

Just that blew me away.... but wait...

A nice sized sample of your primer too?!
Wow NARS you guys are the bomb! Seriously not only did you have samples to give away but you executed it immaculately. Thank you so much! Nothing speaks louder than a company that knows once you try it you WILL buy it. 
 They also had some pamphlets with very high quality prints of the shades as well as some of the products they offered. 
 There was also an instruction card on how to apply this. 
 And lastly here is my hand with the three shades over primer. I'd say Gobi is a perfect fit. The top shade has a tad too much yellow and the bottom a tad too much pink :D

I hope you ladies get a chance to try this !! The sampling is still going on on their fb page!

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