Monday, November 11, 2013

Glitter Guilty Box November 2013

Hey gals!

I love love this sub box and i wish i would have "discovered" it sooner!

This is my second box and I loved it!

First up us Sugar and spice as the mini this month!

One coat:

 Two coats:

Three Coats:
Four Coats: This is where you really see the gorgeous coppery shimmer and depth! This was without top coat too!
 This is the four coats with the matte on top. I really love this! It just reminds me of cinnamon and sugar and is too perfect for Thanksgiving!

My Monthly full size is Golden Sands!

one coat:

 Two coats:

 Three Coats:

 This is too pretty! The glitter is super flashy and it evens out perfectly on the nail. This would be great as a topcoat or as an accent nail with several layers. 

Lastly a chocolate goody!! 
Lets just say this didn't last long :p 

Once again I'm thrilled! Shipping did lag a tad bit this month but Jessica made sure to keep us all informed! I'd love to see your box! drop me a link in the comments and I'll check yours out! 

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