Thursday, November 7, 2013

Nail Art Society November 2013

Hey Gals!

Im working on editing down two videos and they should be up soon! In the meantime:

I ordered the nail Art society box simple because I love Very Emily!

I joined at the last minute on Oct 11th. I do believe the deadline was the 15th of october.

Nail art society has this on their website:

     "Once you’ve confirmed your membership, we will ship out to you mid month our Nail Art Society       curated kit with professional tools, polish and nail art accessories along with a step by step How-To instructional card to complete a curated Nail Art Look.  Since the boundaries of nail art are endless, you will not only have the products to produce one look but many! Whether you are a nail art connoisseur or a nail art newbie, as you continue your membership you will build your collection of professional products to keep you nailtastic through the years. We realized that there were many videos on the internet on how to do nail art tutorials, but if you don’t have access to the tools and resources to actual create the look, it stops there. WE curate everything you need to experiment and explore the millions of different Nail Art looks out there! So go ahead and get creative!"

It sounds great! The box is 11.95 plus 3.75 so I was charged a total of $15.70. Now that is only 4.30 shy of the price of a julep box, and about the same as a Glitter Guilty box. So I was expecting a comparable box. 

I was super excited to see it in my postbox this afternoon. 

It came in a black drawstring pouch:

First up the Nail Studs:

I didn't count them because


Lol but seriously i guess-timate about 50 a baggie. So approx 200 total. If someone got this and counted them feel free to throw that number in the comments!

Next up a black Matte polish from Jessica custom nail color:

And then the card:

 The card is really well done. I not only list the steps to create the look, but also includes pictures every step of the way.

Sadly I wasn't too impressed. I love the bio on Emily. And the neon/gold studs are a great match for the matte black. But there wasn't even nail glue included! This was listed as a nail kit and I can't even do what's on the ideas card without getting glue for the studs. Compared to other boxes its not really a great deal in my opinion. I love the look yet I feel like for the money I could have bought the studs and polish at a better price and then some. I just purchased 1,500 studs on amazon for 1.99 and Mentality has an amazing black Matte called Rascal for 7 dollars. 

The cancelation process was easy and painless, and once i pick up some glue I will do a post on the look!

****Edit 11/20/2013******
I picked up some gel and did this with the kit I also used Golden Sands by glitter guilty for the accent. I like the look overall. The black matte is really nice. Still I don't think this is a sub for me :

Have you tried Nail Art Society? What did you think?

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  1. I totally agree with you. You can get a 3000 piece set of different colored studs for like $1 on amazon. Not impressed at all this month